Thursday, January 31, 2008

Absence of Vice: No Fatwas, Please...

No Fatwas, please. This Teddy-Bear is named Jesus. Mark Steyn’s “Happy Warrior” has a story about a new reality show in which non-Muslims are made to live under Islamic Law or Sharia. It’s those irreverent British again who are producing the show. What would it be like for “infidels” living for three weeks without alcohol, pornography, pork, non-marital sex, and loose women? I can’t imagine, but the character roles which are anathema to the religion, according to the show’s producers, are a gay hairdresser, a fashion model, a cab driver with an addiction to soft-core magazines. It’s all good, just so long as they don’t feature a first grader who names his teddy-bear “Mohammed.”

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