Sunday, December 16, 2007

Election 2008: Painting Targets on Your Toes

Election Year 2008 is dismal if not completely depressing. The Democratic candidates are adrift in a sea of pacifism and the Republican candidates (with one exception) are busy painting targets on their toes.

That Huckabee guy creeps me out a little bit with his insinuations about Romney’s religion. And Romney creeped me out with that televised speech about how we should look at him no differently than JFK with his Catholicism. I wasn’t, I wouldn’t, I’m not interested in any of that. But the whole thing makes you feel uncomfortable.

I could get along with that Obama guy if he weren’t such a pacifist. I expect his foreign policy would be much like Hillary’s or Chris Dodd’s or Biden’s or Bill Clinton’s. I could suffer just about any one of those Democrats in terms of domestic policy (even Lawyer Edwards) but I positively freak at the things they want me to believe about foreign affairs. If I were an Al Qaeda operative, I’d be putting my money behind one of them for sure. I’d be planning my next move during the Democratic administration, after they’ve stopped the Feds from bugging the phones when I’m contacting my peeps in the U.S. terror cells.

I’d vote for any Republican who supports the war on terror, even if a gay black female Republican was top of the ticket. Actually, a gay, black female Republican who understood foreign policy and understands that we need to fight the phony Islamo-nazis would probably really kick some ass.

Just about every president has faced a military test in the early months of the presidency. What would Hillary do? Asking Bill won’t help much, considering how he played it during his presidency. Edwards will worry about messing up his hair.
Dodd will offer some kind of financial deal.

I have trouble seeing anyone except McCain as a war president. Besides, Senator McCain seems very sensible. He has lots of government experience. Plus there’s the added benefit he’s not a punk. The bastard enemies who want to kill us know that. They’ll think…McCain, hmmmh….

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