Friday, December 21, 2007

CNBC Interview with Senator Charles Schumer of New York

The following interview dates from November 27, 2007 and features my reporters Mark Haynes and Erin Burnett who also moonlight on CNBC (first in business). This clip got my attention because, as Joe Schmuck American, I am often baffled by government policy advocates and representatives who seem to contradict themselves, especially in the area of foreign ownership of American assets like banks, ports, investment firms, and stock markets (NASDAQ). Mark Haynes noted the contradiction, too, and he asked Senator Schumer about it. It's the kind of stuff I didn't pay attention to for about two centuries. These two reporters know how to double-team a broken-field runner like Schumer. Watch how's he's checked by Erin Burnett and forced to run into a strong tackle by chubby-cheeked, sarcastic, but jolly Mark Haynes. Click the link below:

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