Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Terrorist Arrests in Germany and Denmark: The Peroxide Bomb

I can just about hear the pundits on Sirius’ TalkLeft radio kibbutzing about the one ton cache of liquid hydrogen peroxide found in Oberschedorn, a quaint little vacation spot in West Germany. Like maybe those people arrested for being terrorists were actually intending to dye a lot of hair or use it for strictly humanitarian purposes. Perhaps they were intending to ship it to Darfur as a bacteriological defense. Can anyone prove otherwise? I guess detonators and other electronic components, also discovered in the German cottage, were planted by the American CIA.

That amount of hydrogen peroxide could have been turned into a powerful batch of explosive materials in a matter of days. It’s not the stuff you find in your medical cabinet. Hydrogen Peroxide gives off a vapor that can detonate when exposed to a temperature of only 158 degrees. It was the stuff used by the terrorists in the deadly London bombings of 2005. It may explain the term “unstable explosives” mentioned in news stories about the terrorists arrested in Denmark.

I wonder why many Democratic presidential candidates are rendered speechless when terror plots are uncovered. Aren't we being too conspicuously timid?

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