Sunday, September 2, 2007

Senator Patrick Leahy: Lawyer di Tutti Lawyer

The Republicans are at war with the terrorists and the Democrats are at war with the Republicans. It’s understandable, under the circumstances, that the Democrats would be gloating over the resignation of Attorney General Gonzalez, but the country needs an Attorney General and it’s not likely to get one soon considering that Patrick Leahy is chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.

Patrick Leahy, a world-class dunderhead, loves the procedures of law more than he loves the law because, if he didn’t, he’d realize the President has the constitutional authority to appoint a new Attorney General and not stand in the way of the best interests of the United States. It’s likely that the blockheaded Leahy will strangle any appointment that Bush makes without regard for the constitution. His smug conceit of pretending to be defending rights when really he is a diabolical power monger degrades the process of government.

I don’t see any relief in sight. Leahy won’t be happy until every person in the U.S. has his/her own personal special prosecutor. It’s a wonder he didn’t recommend one for Dick Cheney who told Leahy what we’d all like to tell him, that is, to eff off and give us some breathing space. Leahy’s such an imperial nuisance that he had to “remind” Fox News’ Chris Wallace just this evening that he was the “chairman” of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Apparently, Wallace wasn’t suitably impressed or fawning enough.

I do wish that my forever hero Dick Cheney would apologize for his “eff you” remark. Then maybe they could go off hunting together with Cheney wearing a blindfold.

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