Friday, September 21, 2007

Potpourri and Stupidity: MoveOn, M.I.T, and Norman Hsu

It’s the You Tube effect. People are vying with each other to achieve greater stupidity. The virus has reached Congress which, to its credit, today issued some kind of censorious statement about the recent MoveOn ad sliming General Petraeus. That part is good, but you shouldn’t wonder why Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and Chris Dodd refused to condemn the scurrilous propaganda of left-leaning social elite and WALLs.

The reason is that MoveOn dumps millions of dollars into the campaign coffers of all three Democrats. Gee, I’m glad those people are promising to “reform” the politics of Washington. I guess Hillary might make good on giving back some of the campaign money which came from convicted felon Norman Hsu except that the feds could seize those moneys first. Hsu was the beneficiary of a multi-million dollars Ponzi scheme.

And did you hear the one about the M.I.T student who shut down Boston’s Logan Airport this morning? She was carrying a fake bomb on her sweatshirt, made of play-doh to resemble plastic explosive and wired for visual effect. That was funny, funny, funny…watching the police overreact. What would have been funnier, and really, really funny is if the cops put two .40 calibre holes in her forehead.

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