Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dweeb and Company: Reed, Reid, and Levin; Attorneys At Law

I guess I’m not telling state secrets when I say the New York Times has been afloat in a bog of left liberal bias. Now it comes out that the NYT gave a 60 percent discount to MoveOn, an organization dedicated to liberal toadyism and much worse. I wonder if billionaire America-hater George Soros will declare the New York Times gift as income on the organization’s tax records. By the rules which apply to the rest of us, we would have to declare it on our own taxes as “in-kind income” and it would be assigned a dollar value.

Maybe the laughable Democratic Party “fairness in media” crowd will demand that similar gifts be made to conservative social activists. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

Meanwhile, Diaper Dennis Kucinich, the appeasement dwarf, has been shown on Fox TV belly crawling through Syria with hat in hand talking about how embarrassed he is with America. Every time I see his pathetic mug, I think of that old David Bowie song “Earth to Major Tom” but I’m not so sympathetic as the singer. I’d like to see the leach Kucinich cut off from his lifeline to America and set adrift with his butt-buddy pal Assad in Syria if not in outer space with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Carl Levin.

You know, Levin, don’t you? Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. That’s a danger for America more insidious than AQ. He was on TV yesterday with his own little assemblage of dwarfs (Reid, Pelosi, and the schmuck from Rhode Island (Jack Reed?) who’s supposed to give the Democrats’ counter to the impending Bush speech). They all begin their b.s. the same way, you know, with a nod to the troops they’re working so hard to undermine.

I know I’ve told you before how Levin hides behind those Ben Franklin goggles to make himself look statesmanlike. The real effect is to make him look like a fat little pederast. Or maybe he needs those bi-focals to see his….never mind!

Levin was bragging about his “conversation” with General Petraeus and how the general was a great guy and how Petraeus’ view contrasted with the President’s. Beside him were Reid and the schmuck from RI. If ever there was a need for a picture of bureaucracy, it was those three petty bureaucrats prating about legislation they’d pass to “DEMAND” a troop drawdown. Redundant and tautological. Yeah, and like it was punks like that who beat the Nazis in WWII right?

And since those dweebs are so fond of left-wing rhetoric, let me end this with a genuine 60s quote which seems tailor-made for the appeasement monkeys.

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

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