Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ahmadinajead at Columbia: Free Speech or Hate Speech?

What a joke it is to hear Columbia University’s President defending the Ahmadinejad visit as a concern for Free Speech. If everything else can fall under the protective umbrella of free speech then I am free to denounce him as a Nazi Holocaust Denier and killer of American soldiers.

The despicable and toxic little dweeb has called for the extermination of Israel and has been one of the chief sponsors of terrorism around the world. It was through Ahmadinejad’s support of Hizbollah that hundreds of Marines were killed in 1983. Iranians are held in a condition of virtual slavery in a medieval state that will not permit women to show their ankles and wrists.

While Ahmadinejad conducts his charm offensive in the halls of a left-liberal elite academia fed on the milk-fat of left-wing pablum, his murderous robots are supplying terror weapons which are used in political assassinations, mass terror attacks, and political suppression around the world. Columbia University does not have to provide an additional podium for hate-mongering among nations. Ahmadinejad’s anti-semitic slime is peddled often enough and loudly enough throughout the Middle East.

The Islamo-nazis have not come up with an original thought in five decades, so what is there in a prepared speech at Columbia U. which must be protected as “free speech?”?

Kick his Nazi ass back to the U.N curb.

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