Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How Long Will the Trump Binge Last?

And When Will the Hangover Start?

Last night some Twitter people put me in the position of slamming Donald Trump.  I don’t dislike Trump, the businessman, never did, though I pointed out previously that he was dumb, dumb, dumb to attack Senator McCain’s (and other Vietnam war prisoners) war record. Also, his point about the border problem is well known and voiced first by other candidates. Worst of all is his generalized smear of Mexicans, great people, a hard-working and resilient people, with generally conservative values.  

I could go on, but I will just add that it was also a brain-dead move to do his little number on Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly.  Trump has since backed off of his statement about McCain, but still sorry to say he ambushed Megyn Kelly, rather than the opposite way he played the contretemps. He knew in advance he was going to be asked a “woman question,” of course, and, knowing that the vast public masses (me included) are fed up with the media, he was scripted to bite anyone who asked a question he wouldn’t answer.

I understand, too, that Donald Trump is the most media savvy political phenomenon since Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister.
Media savvy or not, just about everyone can demagogue the media. It’s just that serious people who really care what happens to America choose not to play that game. Demagoging the issues, really, is getting easier all the time with the expansion of social media, something that Donald Trump recognized early on.
Trump has never made any secret of his contempt for the media and you have to say (generally) it’s rightly deserved. But many Trump reporters are either Democrats or blind followers willing to put by their moral prescriptions, their alleged conservative principles for a guy who says he supported Hillary Clinton (to buy her allegiance, you’re supposed to believe), who figured prominently in NY Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control campaign, who is or was for single payer health care, and other liberal causes.

Yes, Donald Trump has expropriated the ideas and talking points of the other GOP candidates and hyped them to the max, embellishing them, amplifying them with hyperbolic claims that sound like they’re from a Superhero comic book.  Everyone knows what he’s saying because he’s the most colorful figure to appear on the political scene since Barack Obama (no skin color pun intended). It doesn’t matter that the other candidates have said these things first, and long before Trump decided he would be a Republican.

For that matter, I am not sure he is a Republican. A real Republican would not be at all willing to hand a win to Hillary Clinton by running third party. A real Republican, running as a Republican, would make that clear from the start.  Or else Donald Trump should run as an Independent from the start. No, the Republican badge, for Trump, seems to be the outgrowth of his opportunist nature.

Yet, this colorful and animated character follows a “conservative” pattern (helping the liberal media destroy the GOP nominee or not voting for them) that gave us the Messiah Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and wants to replace him with Messiah Trump. Lots of people may blah-blah-blah about “principles” and then forgo them just to make themselves feel good, or to merge their identities with billionaire celebrities, hoping desperately that some crumbs will fall from his table.

With Trump, it’s not about the message, it’s about the messenger. Celebrity. All good, but what’s in it for America?  Just the hangover after the drunk.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton: “Man the Lifeboats!”

You already know this. I’m one of the failed predictors who thought Hillary Clinton was the unsinkable Democrat Party nominee.  Now the HRC luxury yacht is being tossed about upon a fickle sea of Sturm und Drang and, as she tries to brazen things out, her bilge pumps aren’t working fast enough to keep the boat from sinking.

The entire Democrat Party edifice at this time hinges on manipulating public perceptions on the Iraq War, Benghazi, Server-Gate, more red lines in the sand (even while ISIS mounts chemical attacks on Iraqi Kurd Peshmergas with WMD obtained from Assad’s stockpiles or the late Saddam Hussein’s) the rising health care costs most people are experiencing as the direct result of Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear capitulation, the willful failure to secure adequate and vitally necessary status of forces agreements in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Democrats congressional throttling of the former Republican president’s attempts to maintain a stable Iraq after the successful surge. 

Yes, I am saying that many Democrats were willing to see Iraq and Afghanistan collapse for no other reason than to punish George W. Bush in a mass suicidal Guyana style attempt to salvage their self-fulfilling surrender monkey foreign policy. These latter failures are a national disgrace and glaring insult to the honor of the veterans and veteran’s families who suffered and died in the service of American democracy.

So then you have Hillary Clinton with her finger in the dike holding back the flood of rebellious Democrats who have gotten a whiff of the whole stinking mess.

There are several things to consider.  The Dems don’t have a fallback position unless Biden gets into the race, in which case it will have a weak one. Even Elizabeth Warren would be seen as a duplicate Bernie Sanders and it is understood she couldn’t possibly match the huge crowds Sanders has already drawn away from the center-left Democrat coalition.

President Obama has to bet either bet on a horse about which much is known and too little of it good or he has to put his faith into a second tier candidate who hasn’t yet had the courage to spell out what the public knows already from reading the newspapers.

Then there are Hillary Clinton’s repeated lies about classified information disseminated (to who knows what enemies) on her private server. Even socialist Democrat (whatever that is, exactly) Bernie Sanders hasn’t dared to comment on Hillary’s maintenance of an illegal private server to conduct the people’s business, the erasure and deep wiping of the memory, and much more.

The much more has to do with how much pressure President Obama can bring to bear on his newly appointed Attorney General, and on the FBI which has seized Hillary’s email server and is presumably trying to resurrect the data.  Or cover things up with some kind of vague blanket statement about finding it unethical but not rising to a criminal level. Look out for and read carefully between the lines about what happens now, what statements are made in this regard, and especially look to see what direction the Obama inner group is taking.

In light of the congressional inquiry, the FBI and IG investigation, Obama may think ultimately that the risk is too great to continue to prop up Hillary Clinton. After all, the relationship between Hillary and Barack wasn't ever anything more than the political equivalent of a convenient one-night stand anyway.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Fabulous Four: Trump, Kasich, Rubio, and Bush

I’ve been in absentia, too busy working on my upcoming novel “One to the Heart.” Not only that, but also because there is already too much time devoted to the 2016 race that I didn’t want to add to the detritus of early speculation.  Who needs me to perorate on these weighty matters?  Only my dog and my cat;  herein depicted in attentive and reverential pose, pretending to listen when they are hoping for extra special treats in the form of food.  That’s not much different than much of the electorate though, is it?

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is getting squeezed. Those anguished cries coming from the Clinton Money Machine is proof enough that Server-Gate and Bernie Sanders’ alarming and precipitous rise in voter polls is hurting the doyenne of Benghazi Lies. Does Hillary Clinton also hear footsteps padding up behind her from VP Joe Biden, quietly assessing the mood of the electorate while spending time with his family after the tragic death of his son?  These obstacles are certainly more formidable to her than the rain of barbs levied upon her by current GOP (or third party) candidate Donald Trump.
But here are my time-saving tips for watching the political show:  Trump, first of all, will continue to have his appeal although the appeal already seems to be wearing thin. His interview with Hannity just two days ago was ample indication of that.

I’m enjoying Trump, the man, though I have reservations about Trump, the president. I serious did not like his attacks on McCain’s war record, remarks which I found absurd, uninspired, and disgusting. He was on soft ground there, considering his four draft deferments during the Vietnam war.  The Rosie O’Donnell thing? Wrong, but manageable in context of the poisonous vitriol she heaped on him.  Hitting at Megyn Kelly for her question: dumb, dumb, dumb because it sounded like the whining of a spoiled billionaire. Not to mention it looked like bullying. In spite of the social media uproar Trump created in disparaging her “bleeding from the eyes or wherever” the Fox News reporter wasn’t of such great media stature as to be a worthy target. She’s just a smart, tough reporter doing her job.   In raining invective upon Kelly, Trump turned a blister into a sucking chest wound, and the entire chorus of blind followers chimed in on Twitter to vent their outrage at a question that his Democratic opponents will ask him again and again. Was Trump thinking he would, by his reaction, put the question to bed?  Think again, Donald. You’re going to have to come up with a better response than to shoot the person asking the question.

Now for the rest and the more interesting part of my rant.  The entire political world has united against Jeb Bush.  The various factions invent their own reasons.  Hillary knows he’s going to be there, that he’ll be the last man standing, and she has to deal with that.  Chris Christie, who by virtue of his Obama Beach Hug at the Wrong Time, will never get anywhere and attacked Jeb Bush yesterday in a convoluted way to raise his own profile. These people know what will get picked up in the news cycle. So Christie saying Jeb was trying to “re-litigate” the Iraq War was simply his grab at headlines.  Okay, Christie, we get it; you were a federal prosecutor. But you are straining to use the "litigate" word, banging us over the head with it.  No one's trying to "litigate" the Iraq wars-- get over yourself!  It was similar to Trump’s mention that he was against the Iraq War (don’t know if he was against it after he was before it, though).

For the rest, Marco Rubio has a good game going, as does the new face John Kasich.  I can see Kasich breaking out at some point though he is certain to face criticism from the lockstep pundits kiting Trump—people like Laura Ingraham, e.g., Mark Levine, Sean Hannity (to a lesser extent), Anne Coulter, etc.  They don't find him conservative enough while the rest of them, somewhat ironically, find him too religious.

  I like most of the GOP candidates. I’ve even warmed a little to Fattie, or at least I’m able once again to see his strengths if I can ever get by the images of the Beach Hug and jumping up and down with Gerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. 

 I probably should have stated earlier that I think Jeb Bush would be the best president of the bunch.  I’ll explain later in full detail why he’s my pick, but the short version is that the next president will face the residuals of Obama's capitulation in the Middle East and Iran. I think there will most certainly be a momentous and unforeseen attack on the homeland by ISIS or AQ inspired Islamo-Nazis. A collective amnesia has already set in.  We are constantly blasted with the meme that we are "war weary" Americans when the fact is that Obama sounded a retreat on all fronts even while George Bush handed over a stabilized Iraq.  Obama also followed behind the Europeans in bombing Libya, then becoming confused and washing his hands of the whole thing--pretending, as it were. The result was Benghazi. 

I want a war president, a thoughtful,  informed, resolute leader who  will guide America with a steady hand through what is to come. Don't think for a moment that Jeb hasn't been studying world affairs, and that he hasn't benefited from his father's and brother's experience.  It's in his blood, so to speak, and he's got the right mix of it, neither too much of sabre-rattling nor too little of action when action is warranted.

We've had a newbie over the last 7 years and I don't want to see another president doing OJT with a nuclear Iran or a Pearl Harbor type surprise attack via dirty bomb in some American city.  Screw all that meme about "another Bush" -- everyone deserves to be looked at for who they are.  I am not my brother and neither are you your brother's keeper. (For the record, I would vote again for Papa Bush or George). 

If there is good news to bring it will be that any of the Republican candidates will manage an improvement in economic conditions that will help to abate the violence, dissension, and job losses in poor American communities.  (bi-lingualism would be a plus for any applicant as will a willingness to really understand what’s going on in the inner city neighborhoods of American cities)

 I think that Kasich, Rubio, and Jeb are the ones to watch as they gain on frontrunner Trump. The thing aboutTrump is that, while his energy level is high, and while he’s injected life into the process, you still don’t know who he really is. He’s so mercurial that you either wonder what vitamins he’s taking or when he’s in talk show mode or presidential campaign mode.  I suppose the two modes have become quite the same these days, so perhaps that’s is an “unfair” observation. 

The one thing you don’t wonder about Trump, however, is his ability to rock the media back on its heels with some neat feints and combination punches. That’s impressive to me, and Trump is TBE. So, homage!  There’s almost no one who doesn’t feel the MSM deserves to get bitch-slapped for its excesses, for its focus and delight in small matters of little consequence, for its pandering and its cowardly reticence in dealing with the really hard things like Benghazi and Server-Gate.

A word must be said about Carly Fiorina. I think she flagged in the California race against super-lib-left Barbara Boxer, but who could succeed in the Left Coast anyway?  She comes to this raise as a surprise (at least I was surprised) and a steady voice on the issues. She fought back successfully at Democrat smear-mongers who know little of economics or business but feel entitled to mouth off about her being fired as HP CEO.  Boardroom battles -- if you don't ruffle any feathers you're not doing your job, she says. I haven't included her in the list though I expect her to rise and keep rising.  She's a straight shooter and honest. I'd love to see her debate Hillary but she's not my pick because of the broad policy experience problem.

Remember that Hillary was on the prosecutorial team that pilloried President Nixon for his deceptions about Watergate.  What lessons did she take from it? Did she learn to lie better, more effortlessly? Did she learn how better to cover her tracks as Secretary of State?  It would be nice indeed if she learned that she should resign from the process and make way for Sanders and Biden.

 Nice, but impossible for the Deception Diva of the center-left Democrats.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary Gets a Puppy

It’s come to my attention that many of you don’t like me. Well, I’m here to tell you . . . that’s BALONEY!  EVERYONE loves me, except maybe my neighbors in Chappaqua NY where I live some of the time. 

You heard about that, did you? The nerve of them—expecting me to join them in a protest against Barack Obama’s low-income housing edict.  How would that look?  The town has already built low-income housing palaces in Chappaqua, but truth to tell, Chappaqua doesn’t have enough poor people to fill them.  It doesn’t have ANY poor people as a matter of fact. 

You get poor people hanging around your town and it’s not only your popularity numbers which will go down, but so will your housing prices.   
That idiot Rob Asterino is really trying to stir the **it—ooops, did I say that?  He makes a good buck but even he can’t afford to live here in Chappaqua.  He told you so himself. He said it on CNN – which proves it is true! 

The notion that I’m not liked comes from a phony CNN/ORC pool which says….now most of you will think this is a joke but I’m serious….that my UNFAVORABLE ratings are the highest that they’ve even been in FOURTEEN YEARS.  Ha!  Ain’t that a laugh?  Me?  Hillary Rodham Clinton! Goddam, that burns my ass. Trust what I tell you!  Didn’t I steer you right about the amateur film that led to the killing of my ambassador and three CIA types? 

I’ll tell you what the problem is, alright?  The problem is that I don’t have a cute puppy following me around like most male presidents.  Men are dogs enough, aren’t they?  Anyway, I have Bill. His favorable ratings are good enough for both of us to be president.  Of course, he will be the co-president ONLY!

Yes, that’s right. I’m assuming I will be the president. Can’t miss. People are crazy about this ‘first’ business. You know…  Jimmy Carter being the first nuclear engineer president. Barack Obama being the first Kenyan. Ooopsie!  

Anyway, I’m a first. I will be the first woman president.  All I’ve got to do is get a nice puppy to follow me around.  Allergic to puppies as I am. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump: "Don't Get Shot Down

Hey, it's me -- Donald Trump.  I want to say to some of you dummies out there. Don't. Get. Captured.  You hear me?  I'll say it again.  Don't get captured!  Why? Cause I don't like people who get captured. People who get captured aren't heroes. Not to me.  I would fire them.

And let me tell you another thing. This guy...whatsisname?... McCain, yeah. This McCain fellow is not a military hero. He got himself captured. Not only that, he ruins a perfectly good jet that cost in the millions of dollars . Due to his stupidity, this McCain fellow, He gets his multi-million dollar jet shot full of holes. Hey!  I'm a businessman. What I would do instead with all that money?  You know what I would do with all that money. You think this is a cheap suit?  You think I bought it down at Canal Street?

Alright, here's another thing.  McCain's supporters are accusing me of ducking military service with five deferments. A crock of RINO hooey!  My dad wouldn't pay for five deferments.  Four!  Only four, count 'em. I'll open up my records for all to see.  And the reason I wouldn't go into the military while the Vietnam War was going on is because:

Number One:  I'm no dummy.
Number Two:  I was building American real estate empire while McCain was lounging at one of the Hilton Hotels in a very nice part of Hanoi. I know it was a nice part of Hanoi -- I built several hotels and apartment houses there, all bearing the Trump name.  That McCain?  Loser!
Number Three:  That is a combination of one and two. See? Because that's how I do arithmetic.

Alright, enough already.  I just want you to understand. McCain got his expensive jet shot right out of the sky. Not only that, he doesn't even know how to eject properly and breaks his shoulder getting out of his ruined ride.  Not too smart, is it?  You think that's bad?  He can't even parachute straight, lands in the drink, has to be hauled out of the lake by a bunch of Viet Cong boy scouts. Alright they roughed him up a little, so what? They beat the crap out of him, in fact, but why wouldn't they?  Like all the other chumps who got shot down and were in the luxury Hanoi Hilton with him, McCain was trying to bomb ammunition factories and defense industries.

Hey, I'm telling you. This McCain guy has a history!  Getting shot down over North Vietnam wasn't his first rodeo. You ever hear of the U.S.S. Forrestal? yeah, well McCain was master of disaster in that fiasco too. Lucky he wasn't killed along with the other 134 navy guys who were burned to death.  Someone accidentally fired a rocket across the ship's deck, hits McCain A-4 Skyhawk and sets a bunch of bombs exploding, blowing up the whole thing--planes, flames, men flying every which way.

That's McCain for you.  A dumb ass who gets himself captured and lounges around the Hanoi Hilton for six years while the rest of us are hard at work making real estate deals.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Clive Cussler’s “Arctic Drift” Keeps You Trapped

I dislike escapist fiction that doesn’t let you escape because it’s built on shaky ground and you become entirely too aware of what's simply wrong. Wrong as in untrue.  I’m referring right now to Clive Cussler’s book “Arctic Drift.”  The prologue was exciting and seaworthy, as the members of an expedition looking for a Northwest Passage get trapped in the ice of the arctic region. Ghost ships, dead men, their teeth rotting with scurvy—the time period is the mid 19th century.

But then we’re back to the present day—or at least we think so. It’s not the present day where the U.S. and the rest of the world is drowning in a sea of shale oil and natural gas.  It’s not that because that’s the real world. Instead you have to escape to a world where, as Cussler’s fiction says, Iran has cut off the sale of oil to the rest of the world.  In the real world, of course, Iran is desperate to sell oil and being creamed by low oil prices stemming from record U.S. production that has even the Saudis screaming.

“Arctic Drift” then goes on to detail how the U.S. president is worried about an economic crisis  caused by this scarcity of petroleum.  This occurs at the same time Cussler launches into the literary equivalent of a hissy fit over “global warming,” which, as you may know, is a contagious disease he may have picked up from standing near Al Gore.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

U.S. Cut and Run Strategy in Iraq Invited ISIS Control of Ramadi, Fallujah

From the Miami Herald today: "The Islamic State on Friday took control of the provincial government center of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province, in a major defeat for the Iraqi government. Islamic State forces launched a fierce assault of car bombs on Iraqi government security facilities overnight, and by late afternoon, their black flag was flying over the governor’s office. Security forces appeared to be in full flight as militants consolidated control over the area and prevented anyone from leaving the area. 

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/article21077055.html#storylink=cpy

The way CNN's playing it, (and also Rand "Barack" Paul, Ted Cruz, and Chris Crispie) you'd think that Jeb Bush's faux pas in anwering a reporter's questions about what he'd have done in Iraq was as important as the Amtrak disaster in Philadelphia, the earthquake in Nepal, or the collapse of the Iraqi government in Anbar province. Remember Ramadi and Fallujah?  Those are the places U.S. Marines, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and allied soldiers fought for, won, and reclaimed in the Big Surge, President George Bush's big gamble that prevented  Iraq's largest and most important province from being taken over by the insurgency.

But who, except the clueless Obama, could not have predicted what would happen if the U.S. pulled all troops out of there, without leaving even a small contingent of say 10,000 there?  Obama was so desperate for a Nobel Peace Prize and to appease the political apparatchiks of the Old and New Left that he was willing to do almost anything to appear as the President of Peace no matter that a river of blood now flows through Iraq like you've never seen before.

Yes, folks, ISIS (or DAASH) has taken over the government center, the culmination of a highly visible siege that has been going on since January.  The overrunning of the government center is a major victory for ISIS commanders. As you may know, ISIS is no ragtag ill-equipped army. It's a regular force, and a strong one, well equipped with heavy weapons, which used bulldozers to push away blast walls, allowing suicide mission vehicle bombs to destroy the Iraqi government defenses.

Yet, the President of Peace and his acolytes like Republican Rand Paul preen and believe themselves occupiers of some fantasy moral high ground. This while women and children are being subjected to horrific degradation, and moderate Iraqi's are being butchered by the hundreds, and a war that was won was handed over to the modern day Attilas of ISIS or their AQ butt-buddies. The time to be worried about the moral high ground was before Obama adopted his Cut and Run Strategy.

I could ask the question "Why isn't anyone talking about this?" but that would be extraneous. I know the answer.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weinstein Ransom Offer Paves Way for More Kidnapping

 It really burns me to hear the cheap and irresponsible sniping about the Obama administration’s targeting of Al Qaeda with drones. I’ve never been a fan of the Obama administration and have consistently pointed to its widespread foreign policy failures. But blaming the Obama administration and its military leaders and advisors for the unfortunate deaths of Dr. Weinstein and Italian aid worker LoPorto exhibits such facile and fake indignation.

Talk about cheap shots. And the really tragic aspect of this backbiting is that the cheap shots are coming from both the right and the left. Both “sides” are falling over themselves to outdo each other in the sententious overweening sweepstakes of bogus public compassion. 

What does all this public breast beating do for the kidnapping business? It’s almost as if the supposed prosecutors are lawyers for the defendants -- the defendants being kidnappers, murderers of innocent people, and haters.   

And why should anyone who opposes paying ransom to terrorists have to “prove” their concern for people who voluntarily go to dangerous places and expect to be rescued by the U.S. cavalry when things go wrong. It’s not as if terrorist kidnappings and the horrors concomitant with them are new. You’d have to live under a rock not to be aware of the possibility of being an American kidnap victim in that part of the world. 
Of course, we feel bad for the Weinstein and LaPorto families! But I feel even more sorry for the American troops who would be in the position of risking their lives to rescue them. There are many who die who do not get to choose their fate. Weinstein and LoPorto did.  There’s no reason to think Dr. Weinstein and Mr. LaPorto were anything but well intentioned humanists trying to alleviate the suffering in war-torn regions of the world. But it’s also possible that they, like Bowie Bergdahl, were hostile to U.S. policy in the region. That is no reason to die, certainly, even if it were true. 

But their deaths were accidental, as were the deaths of American heroes killed by friendly fire, helicopter accidents, or even illness while on duty. Hardly a tear of sympathy for those many forgotten heroes of other wars.

Yet, Weinstein spokespersons like former FBI agent and hostage negotiator Chris Voss can go on Fox TV with Republican pundit Pete Hegseth to blame various government agencies for failing to negotiate. Negotiate what? The terrorists walked off with $250,000 dollars of Weinstein money paid in ransom, and then told the family to bug off.  Treated them like chumps. And who did their bidding? What happened?  Please tell so that the next unfortunate family of a kidnap victim isn't similarly chumped. 

On Fox News, Voss seemed to imply that a better negotiation, or interaction between government agencies would have freed Weinstein.  Voss, you see, heads a private company that, among its other activities, consults (think aids and abets the business of kidnapping) with companies, governments, and private individuals to pay ransom to kidnappers.  For a steep price, you can bet. So the guy was a salesman. 

As for Hegseth, he simply looked intimidated and was weak in expressing what has long been U.S. policy. Don’t feed the animals – especially when it's only the wealthy elite which can afford to do so.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Exciting Iowa Adventure (The Movie)

Disclaimer: This script refers not to real people but to fake personas which bear no resemblance to the real people whose names we borrowed. Any resemblence to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

FADE IN:  A dark van speeding down a country road toward Iowa and the Des Moines Airport. Inside the van are a bunch of CNN reporters playing video games on their laptops.  These are the CNN Hillary Corps.

ABOVE THE CLOUDS: A Lear Jet begins its descent to the Des Moines Airport. Inside the comfortable luxury jet, HILLARY CLINTON lies on an alpaca skin couch. She is getting a back rub from two other CNN reporters, RACHEL MADDOW and CHRIS CUOMO, brother of New York Governor, ANDREW CUOMO.

CHRIS CUOMO: Are you awake, Hillary? We’re about to touch down.
HILLARY CLINTON:  Ooooooh, Chris! That feels so goooood! I never want to land. I can’t stand the thought of getting into that damned tin box on wheels. Who came up with that whackjob idea anyway?

RACHEL MADDOW:  I did, Hillary. It is important for the peons to see you as a champion of the people.
         (then she notices something that alarms her)
Chris Cuomo!  What do you think you’re doing?  I am the only one allowed to massage Hillary’s buttocks.  Keep your hands above Hillary’s  waist – back, neck, and shoulders only.

CHRIS CUOMO:  Sorry, Rachel. Whenever I see a future president, my hands just seem to develop a mind of their own.

RACHEL MADDOW:  Ooooh, Chris. I know exactly what you mean. I feel you.

HILLARY CLINTON: (irritably) Why don’t you two stop bickering?  There’s enough of me for everyone.

CHRIS CUOMO: There will never be enough of you, Hillary.  But I’m afraid you have to put on some clothes. That tank top just won’t do.

RACHEL MADDOW:  And you’ll have to lose the Yoga Pants, Hillary.

HILLARY CLINTON:  Alright – get me one of my Susanna Beverly Hills pants suits. Or should I wear Anna Wintour? Maybe Oscar de la Renta. It doesn’t matter, so long as I’m wearing the pants in the family. At least the Huffington Post will gush and write adoring articles about me.

RACHEL MADDOW: I’ll get it for you, Hillary. Could I? Please?

CHRIS CUOMO: (pushes her back) No! It’s my turn to help you dress.

Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo are battling it out in the aisles of the luxury Lear Jet. Hillary is watching gleefully as Chris Cuomo pulls a tuft of Rachel Maddow;s hair out.

HILLARY CLINTON:  Hey, stop fighting. We’re about to land. And I’ve got to sneak into that damn hoopty van without any reporters seeing me. Remember, you two are sworn to secrecy. No sleazy tattle-tale memoirs about my campaign. You know my motto: “If you can’t bake it, you can always fake it.”

(To be continued) 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

French Rule: The Germanwings 9525 Investigation

Okay, so props to the French prosecutor who didn’t spoon-feed information to us for weeks as is generally done in investigations following mysterious plane crashes affecting U.S. carriers. Felt sorry for the man – it’s a dismal, sad, sorry business.  He acquitted himself with a nobility, a toughness,  and an admirable truthfulness through these difficult moments in a difficult time.

Among many striking moments during the now famous press conference was when the chief prosecutor, Monsieur Brice Robin, said that the victims of the terror, including the families, deserve to know the truth as soon as possible. This is very true. This is also very different from what we Americans have become accustomed to. The thinking in Washington these days is that we must be guided like children toward what can at best be described as well-meaning fantasies. If Germanwings 9525 had been downed in the Rockies, I am quite sure Americans would not yet know the plane was intentionally downed. The possibilities and various scenarios would be endlessly investigated with never a conclusion, nor an honest public statements.

There is a great tendency of the current administration in Washington to deny what is self-evident. It is a kind of phony, deceitful posturing that vaunts its supposed “concern” for victims of terrorism. The popular meme that the Obama administration cannot utter the words “Islamic terrorism” is only one thing. The same thinking “protects” us from seeing photos of the dead Osama bin Laden.
Certainly, there will be those who do not wish to see such photos but there are plenty like myself who would find it somehow healing, particularly those who most directly suffered the consequences of the 9-11 attacks.  The same sort of thinking applies to other recent aspects of government. Think of the health care law, passed by an unusual procedure without a public referendum. Think of the current nuke talks with the Iranians, about which nothing is known except that it is an obviously bad deal which will precipitate and arms race in the Middle East. This cavalier government-knows-all attitude is contagious, afflicting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Assembly who passed the inaptly named “Safe Act” in the dead of night and without public debate.  The list is long of incidents where government potentates diminished or crushed the right of the people to know what is necessary to know if the republic is to function effectively.

So much for philosophical meanderings. The world right now is all the wiser for the honest candor of the French prosecutor who made no attempt to hide the bad news.  The hunt now settles on the background of 28 year old Andreas Lubitz, who defeated the German system and managed to get himself hired as a pilot for Germanwings  so that he could murder 150 people.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Germanwings 9525 Crash : What's That Smell?

UPDATE:  Awaiting a news conference regarding Germanwings 9525 and my prediction will be NO NEWS. Or at least NO NEW NEWS. We will be given the same reassurances to the effect that "no connection to terrorism is known at this point."  The qualifying "at this point" statement is future cover, of course. But such statements were made even hours after the crash and before the one black box was recovered. Yes, governments have taken to reassuring us instead of telling the truth. Even though we have seen beheadings, people jumping out of skyscrapers instead of being incinerated, tortures, hangings, stonings, and other barbarism, the U.S. government still spoon-feeds us a steady diet of carefully structured gibberish. 

It may very well be that 9525 wasn't taken down by terrorists, but it may very well be that it wasn't down due to pilot error, mechanical failure, or any of the other rationalizations that are freely dispersed while the possibility of terrorism is routinely dismissed. The message is: "Just relax. Everything in fine. Let your government do your worrying for you."

Among the many jagged events surrounding the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, the worst is how the media has picked  up on a statement by a White House NSA spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan that “There is no indication of a nexus to terrorism at this time."

Of course, CNN and Fox News made the statement part of their lengthy broadcasts on the crash, usually tacking it onto the tail end or front end—with one egregious mistake. Neither media outlet mentioned the “at this time” phrase.  Leaving me to wonder how the White House could have ruled out terrorism in what seemed a blanket statement.

But now you can envision Bernadette responding to a news reporter question: “Do you think the crash could have been the result of terrorism?”  So of course, you respond with the truth—that there are no indications of terrorism AT THIS TIME.
Governments lie, sometimes with good intentions, but always with terrible outcomes.  At this juncture in the national psyche, the U.S. government in particular wants to project an attitude of calm, especially in the wake of the magically disappeared MH370 of  Malaysia. People should pound on the involved governments for answers. There are numerous unexplained or unsatisfactorily explained air crashes over the years. This latest crash smells of terror.        

·       There are conflicting versions as to whether the old plane (activated in 1990) had mechanical problems in the week and hours before it took off from Barcelona.
·       Whatever happened to the plane occurred in the safest part of the flight, i.e., at the cruising speed of 38,000 feet.  Most air disasters occur at takeoff or landing.
·       Were the pilots trained to hand fly the plane should its computers be knocked out by…say…some electronic interruption? Reports say they weren’t.
·       Indications are that the plane began a  level descent from 38,000 to the crash in eight minutes. There was no mayday or communication with air traffic controllers. The plane didn’t go into a flat spin or any other erratic pattern, say reports.
·        There are plenty of reasons and actual terror attacks indicating that terrorists are looking for soft targets now.
·       One of the black boxes has already been recovered. You can be sure someone has already listened to it and already has a great deal of information which leaves all news reports, including this one, high and dry.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton Email Malfunction

Everyone’s busy. Hillary Clinton and Democrats all over the country are counting on it. They’re hoping that the controversy that brews strong today will evaporate as the campaign season develops. But right now, Hillary is facing increasing pressure from people in her own party to face the music…err, face the kilobytes of her email messages.  Hillary Clinton didn’t have it on her schedule for today but has since adjusted her schedule mainly due to the demands of Senator Dianne Feinstein who publicly assailed her for disregarding Obama administration rules and regulations regarding ‘open government.’ Here are some questions to ask when Hillary makes her excuses today:

Was there only one email server?  Where was it placed? In Hillary’s private house or in an office?  If it was in an office, who provided security for it?  Or wasn’t security provided at all? 

What company hosted the email server?  Were its employees properly vetted?  Was there an Edward Snowden among them?  Are there other Snowdens out there who hacked into the server?  Were you aware that they could have done so?

What levels of security were on the server(s)?  Could the emails be archived right now on ISIS computers? Did you not know, Hillary, that you were in violation of Obama administration directives?  Did you not know that an American Ambassador, an employee of your state department, had been fired for doing the same thing you were doing during your tenure as Secretary of State?

Did you know there was no specific legal penalty for violating FOIA rules and calculated that you could brazen it out with any stickiness which resulted from keeping your emails located on a private server located place unknown?

Did you ever receive warning from anyone in the administration chain that you were violating federal laws (though without legal penalty)?

Will you turn over your server(s) to the FBI and to Congressional investigators? 

Where are the emails regarding Benghazi?  Are there any emails about Benghazi that cannot be released?  How many? 

 Actually, the number of questions that Hillary’s disregard of a citizen’s right to know is endless. Someone with such a reckless disregard for American democracy should not follow upon a presidency which allowed it.   

47 American Patriots in Congress Send a Message to Iran

Iran wants to reestablish the Persian Empire and has already expanded its influence into four countries, including Iraq, where the U.S. expended its best human resources. The best way for it to magnify its power is to become a nuclear power. In the past, Iran has lied, cheated, threatened neighbors in the region, and ordered its troops into positions where they killed American troops.

 The Obama administration, with its feckless foreign policy failures, is anxious to put points on the board with a nuclear agreement that benefits Iran and contains nothing in the way of security for the west nor for its Arab neighbors. Essentially, the Obama ‘negotiations’ are an advertising campaign with a product that has a ‘sell-by-date’ of ten years. 

         The ten year period mentioned in regard to the talks fits well with the Koranic dictum that agreements with ‘infidels’ that treaties must be no longer than ten years.  The Koran says such agreements can be abrogated after ten years. The Obama administration will be long gone by then.  Iran will be a nuclear power. There will be an arms race with its Arab neighbors. If there’s anyone left in the region to sweep up the pieces of a nuclear disaster, they will look back on this bad deal negotiated by John Kerry and Barack Obama and wonder how an American president could have betrayed the responsibilities of his office. 

Forty seven Senate Republicans sent a letter to the ayatollahs with the purpose of derailing a bad deal which will hand Iran a major victory with a stroke of Obama’s fountain pen. This is a patriotic effort which must be applauded. The American people are tired of finding out what’s in an agreement only after it’s passed, especially when the agreement is a ten-year nuclear time bomb with a sell-by date. President Obama has consistently shown himself willing to accommodate America’s enemies against our better interests and security.  The president wants to count Congress out of the picture, and has mounted a blistering attack on the senators who are unwilling to gamble on our lives and our freedoms. If only President Obama could apply such zeal to his dealings with Iran!

The mullahs do not represent the Iranian people. They took power in a 1979 Islamic revolution, killed, kidnapped, or imprisoned anyone who stood in its way. They suppressed the Iranian people during the 2009 Green Revolution for democracy while President Obama, who had just taken office, found this entirely acceptable.  That’s who and what we’re dealing with. At least there are 47 courageous senators who know that and will not forget it. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Targeted by Obama Justice Department

In January 2013, I wrote a blog article about New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez answering charges of a woman who claimed to have had sex with him while she was a minor. The report was carried in several newspapers, including the Newark Star Ledger where the original reports may be found in the archives.

The allegations against Menendez at that time also referred to the senator's association with Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist who the senator has called a friend and political supporter.  At the time, Menendez said the accusations of corruption were raised by the "right wing political machine."  He may want to re-think that one in light of the fact that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder authorized critical prosecution stemming from those old allegations.

All of whatever happened with Senator Menendez was okay with the Obama administration for nearly three years.  What changed is that Senator Menendez took political positions that ran counter to Obama administration's foreign policies.

He spoke out vehemently in opposition to President Obama's recent reestablishment of relations with the Castro brothers corrupt totalitarian regime in Cuba.

He spoke out strongly in favor of Israel and opposed the dangerous nuclear deal John Kerry and the Obama administration are trying to foist on the American people.

I give Menendez credit. He showed considerable courage in taking those positions.  This comes  at a time when Obama is misusing all the tools and tricks of government bureaucracies to bypass legislators, and apparently, to punish anyone opposed to its policies.

Make no mistake about it, Menendez committed no crimes until he dared disagree with President Obama and the appeasment policies of key figures in the administration.  Now the full force of the Obama administration is crashing down on him with both feet for what have always been fuzzy allegations. 

 It's all done with a wink and a nod, folks. Another dog and pony show. Would it were that the Justice Department would be worthy of its name by investigating Hillary Clinton's Benghazi failings, and for illegally keeping all her email correspondence on a server at her private home. 

Consider too that, with Hillary Clinton ready to announce her candidacy for president, her husband was also mentioned as one of the frequent guests of the billionaire Melgen.  Oh, it's a dark and murky world the Democrats have created.  What tangled webs we weave...and so forth.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Peggy Noonan Trashes Jeb Bush – in favor of what?

Peggy Noonan has a way with words. In a Wall Street Journal editorial Sunday, Feb. 28, she used her way with words to short-circuit the presidential campaign of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  Noonan earned her reputation working as a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan. Reagan is regarded by many as the patron saint of conservatives though he was a practical man who likely would be considered an “establishment moderate” in today’s terms.

People who style themselves ‘conservatives’ these days are practicing a kind of ideological holier-than-thou religion. Holding themselves out as representatives of the “true cross” and getting everyone to buy into it is a primary objective. Losing presidential elections is the secondary one.  It’s like a game of pin the donkey, everyone going around blindfolded, trying to find the real conservative.

Along with this ultra obsession comes an inability to distinguish real conservativism from the faux celebrity chic kind espoused by celebrity chic copycat conservatives like Laura Ingraham and other blind followers of brand.
Noonan’s column ignores the sage advice of long-time authentic conservatives in the tradition of William Buckley – I’m referring to George Will  and Charles Krauthammer, both of whom are weary of ‘conservative’ stunt *ucking in Congress.

Both of these on Fox News panel were disgusted with the 52 Republicans who voted with 172 Democrats to kill the extension of funding for Homeland Security after it had passed the Senate. This is not the way to stop King Obama’s regal edict on immigration. Nor does this kind of stunt show a commitment to principles. What it does show is an attachment to show trials, failed governance, and losing. The presumption is that the American people are too stupid to think for themselves, the same thing liberal and left-wing bureaucrats of the Obama administration think about us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama Wants You To Believe: Prosecutorial Discretion

Wait! Isn’t this the guy the New York Times and its associated sycophants were touting to us as a “constitutional scholar?”  Then why is President Obama lying to you?

If we agree that Obama did really study the constitution, he would have to know that “prosecutorial discretion” is not a synonym for usurping the powers of the legislative branch and making new laws. A federal judge two days ago clued the Messiah in that he was coloring outside the lines in his numerous TV appearances claiming “prosecutorial discretion” in making new immigration laws for four million people who came through our borders without applying for citizenship. 

Prosecutorial discretion, you probably know, refers to the wiggle room a prosecutor has in deciding how assiduously to pursue charges. A prosecutor may decide not to press charges or pursue any other legal penalties.  What this means in terms of immigration is that Obama/Holder could use discretion in not taking action against the 4 million illegal aliens covered by the Messiah’s illegal immigration decree. But he can’t bypass Congress by making his own laws for political purposes, something he seems to do quite naturally. Oh, well, perhaps those critics who feel his ideological orientation lies in some other country (that does not have representative government) do have a point.

The federal judge didn’t rule that administration’s intent was patently unconstitutional. That is a matter which has not been either addressed nor decided by the courts. He just made clear what is obvious even to my fifth graders, that separation of powers requires lawmaking to reside in the halls of congress, not at the Messiah’s oval office desk. 

There is good reason for separation of powers, but then Mr. Obama has shown little respect for the founding fathers and the fine constitution they wrote to protect states like Texas from the damages which might be caused by a Messiah from Chicago, or Hawaii, or even Kenya.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Obama’s Legacy: Beheading on the Shores of Tripoli

The Swiss Cheese Obama “strategy” (and I use the term loosely) in the Middle East and now North Africa has produced atrocities of a kind last seen in the Dark Ages.  A more recent reference might be to the activities of the Nazis under Hitler leading up to WWII.  ISIS has not yet reached that latter point in terms of numbers but one may argue that it is a least matched in terms of barbarism, perversity, and in the creation of a death cult culture.

It’s not Obama’s fault that America voted a buffoon into office. The president (or Preezy as he is called on late night TV) is a self-absorbed narcissist who struggles to find relevance by a variety of pop-culture antics, the most recent of which is public clowning on TV with a selfie stick. This image, this projection of a weak American president, is supposed to distract the country from the spectacle of a choreographed and carefully stage-managed torture and mass beheading of some twenty plus Coptic Christians in Libya.

In order to head off the public relations disaster of Obama’s whimsical and flippant stance in the Middle East, Africa, and now North Africa, Obama has ordered pinprick strikes on a variety of targets. This certainly helped the Yazidis who survived the month’s previous slaughters, but it came too late.

Lateness is rather the mark of the Obama administration, as is “kinetic action” or “leading from behind” or “resets” of U.S. policy which have invariably backfired.  This will not change. The issue is how much more damage, how many more innocent deaths, this administration will cause by its willful blindness, ineptitude, and actions which, during the time of George Washington, would be clearly identified as treason.

Nero fiddle while Rome burned, it is said. That may be a myth.  What is not a myth is that President Obama trifles –playing golf, pretending to be cool while trolling youth groups, cavorting with bizarre YouTube ‘celebrities” like the bathtub colored cheerios woman,  while Islamo-nazis took over large parts of Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  The march of ISIS and its affiliated butchers will not stop until a better president steps up to restore a measure of sanity and leadership ability in the country.

America and the rest of the civilized world is under attack from the death cultist Islamo-nazis.  This will not change with editorials and passionate public opinions and alarms expressed on social media sites.  President Obama can be expected to deliver another of his peripatetic (and pathetic) speeches on TV immediately after the next expected attack on U.S. soil.  Even while the Muslim president of Egypt and the King of Jordan speak in plain terms about the rise of Islamo-Nazism, President Obama will prefer the dodges of euphemism and pacifism rather than the hard course of action it will take to stop ISIS.

Many Americans, including Republicans, were fooled into helping Obama win the presidency. If he is incompetent, it is rather their fault for being fools, not his fault for being incompetent. I’m very sad for this presidency, but I am sadder for America, and the degeneration of spirit that eight years of Obama has brought us.

I’m sorry too that the first black man to become president in our nation’s history has been such a disaster. When Democrats might perhaps have rallied around a proven African-American military hero like Colin Powell, they went instead for a fugazi.

God bless America. Thanks, Obama. We’re in for it now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buy a Dinosaur Pickup Truck - Your Other Car Can Be Hacked

I've dreamed about this. I'm driving along in my late model sedan when suddenly the steering wheel is wrenched from my hands and evil minds point the car at a telephone poll, a tree, or the guardrails. Or I've put my laptop in the backseat, locked the doors, all that just long enough to pop into the local Panera for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. When I come out, the doors are unlocked, my laptop is gone, and my own car is trying to run me over.

"You've been hacked!" screams my feverish brain. Science fiction? Hallucinogens?  Bath salts, perhaps.  But it's not far-fetched according to lots of people including Jalopnik, which HERE details how DARPA hacks cars equipped with computer technologies that many have grown to expect as basic minimum in driver accommodation.

I'm fighting back, and you should too. Buy an old car or truck as I did. My 2004 Ford F-150 4WD has old crank windows, rubber floor mats (no carpeting), and stick shift.  To adjust the outside mirrors (even in ten below weather), I have to open the window, lean out and set it to my eyeball height or to grant the widest visibility possible.  But I can't be hacked. 

So, be like me and buy an old manually operated everything pickup truck. People will be frightened when they see you coming at them with such a primitive instrument. When the cyber-war comes, dude, we'll be leaving my wife's sedan home. Rock on!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chris Kyle: The "American Sniper" Portrait (Update)

UPDATE:  I don't think Chris Kyle will ever be 'old news' and it's sad that neither he, nor his friend Chad Littlefield, are around to see how the nation has embraced them.  Not to mention that a trial is set to begin this week in Stephenson Texas not far from where Kyle and Littlefield were gunned down by
Eddie Ray Routh, 27, whom both men were trying to help adjust to life after wartime. Routh is expected to plead and NGRI defense. In a rambling post-arrest interview with police, Routh admitted to murdering both men in a rambling and sometimes incoherent confession. 

I previously posted a blog entry a few weeks ago (below) regarding the film (and the book) which was number one at the box office. It broke all profit records for this type of film, even as it was released in the post holiday calendar atmosphere often regarded as a movie burial ground.  "American Sniper" has now dropped from the number one slot to the number two slot, which is remarkable for a film that's been out for so long. 

Again, I urge people to read the book.  I'm not finished with it yet, but pushed through a good deal of it today while waiting for my truck to be repaired.  Really, it's a book inside a book and one of those 'books' reveals the toll the military life takes on family. You have to think Kyle's wife was a hero, too, for having to bear the worry, the heartache, the pain of living under circumstances which would have crushed others with less fortitude. There should be a special place in heaven for military wives and children.

Previously, I wrote:

I was reading the book "American Sniper" without having seen the film. Last night, I did see the film, and it's become clearer why the weakest among us (think Michael Moore) are compelled to attack it.

Much has been said already about the American Sniper movie and less about the book but there is one thing that must be understood. It may be described as a "war movie" but it's really a character study of a particular individual, a rare but fortunately not extinct type in American culture.

Chris Kyle was "that guy," the one who understood the basic foundational good heart of America and didn't waiver in his devotion and loyalty to its principles. He never doubted that America was better, even while acknowledging its flaws. Guys like Chris Kyle are an in-your-face reminder that America is better than its alternatives. He didn't make a lot of noise about it. He just was. What flies most in the face of  his detractors, and what antagonizes the compromisers, and the breast beating apologists, the mealy-mouthed politicians and other critics, is that he never apologized for himself, nor for killing America's enemies.

I think that the huge crowds watching the movie have found something lacking, something dishonest in the way President Obama and his left-leaning progressive political whores are trying to turn the country away from who we are. We're a free and independent people, and that's how we want to remain.  To remain free, you have to tell yourselves the truth. Except at the Obama White House, it's obvious that America is being threatened by Islamic extremists who want to murder, torture, rape, behead, burn, terrorize anyone who believes in basic American freedoms.  Most of what comes out of the Obama White House these days is designed around Hermann Goebbels' big lie theorem.  Mass deception can be achieved by the unrelenting repetition of lies and the bigger the lie, the more will be deceived. (think here of the 'offensive video' scenario barrage of brainwashing to which we were subjected for months).

For better or for worse , film has a higher profile than books do.  Movies reach a wider audience because, of course, you don't have to be able to read to watch and understand a film.  Even if you didn't speak the language, there are subtitles and dubbing.  So the "American Sniper" audience has risen to stunning proportions even going into the third week of its release. It fulfills the American need for honesty from its government, for democracy's requirement of honesty. That so many people would come to love and appreciate a hero who kills the enemy to save the rest of us is a phenomenon akin to the Knights of the Round Table legend.

American Sniper has broken all records for a film of this type, even though it was released in the dead money after Christmas holiday environment where films normally go to die.  I could tell it was film garbage season by the avalanche of bad Hollywood junked-up garbage movie trailers I was whipped with before watching American Sniper.

The Regal Cinema theatres where I saw the film was so packed that I thought there was a Harry Potter movie playing.  I was shocked when about 80 percent of that crowd marched into "American Sniper."  I had to sit in the third row front with my head craned upward like President Obama when he strikes one of his frequent phony camera-ready "gravitas" poses. I had waited to see the movie precisely because I wanted to avoid the discomfort of a crowded theatre. For this to have happened, three weeks into the release, could only mean that "American Sniper" struck a deep chord in the American psyche.

$200 million dollars for an R-rated movie never before happened in ten days of release.  Something is happening in America, and more and more people are realizing finally what it is.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

American Sniper: It's a Book Also

Update:  The "American Sniper" film has created a resurgence of interest in Chris Kyle's book "American Sniper," written in conjunction with Jim DeFelice and Scott McEwen.  The book is back on the NYT best seller lists. It's published by Morrow (I'm interested in such things). It's an exciting read, contains lots of information about modern military weapons systems and equipment. (also interest in such things as these).  Reminds me of the exciting "Black Hawk Down" though about a different military scenario. 

I’m planning to be in a movie theatre this afternoon to watch Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper.” The movie is a blockbuster, which was released at a time when blockbusters aren’t supposed to happen. I could write a bunch on why “American Sniper” has caused a great deal of Hollywood penis envy, but today I want to remind people that the movie came off of the “American Sniper” book written by the late Chris Kyle.

It’s not James Joyce but that is a good thing (no disrespect to James Joyce, a great writer) “American Sniper” is both readable and informative and “fun” for people who like to read Soldier of Fortune magazine. That would include types like me. I’m one of those screwed up neo-intellectuals who have morphed from blue-collar to whatever I am now. Here’s a clue: I’m always checking the air on my Ford F-150 pickup truck tires in case I have to move into battle position while taking Geritol or another old-age supplement. I go to the range as often as I can.  I do fitness drills, gym workouts, boxing exercises almost daily. I don’t know what I’m fighting for or fighting against, but it’s all because I’m American and appreciate that America let my grandparents, and my mom and dad into this country. We’re not great heroes like Chris Kyle but my clan has surely met its obligations to military service—from WWII until now--

Anyway, the book. “American Sniper starts out with training descriptions exercise—considerable discussion of weapons systems, and transport systems like DPV (desert patrol vehicles) and limitations thereof.
There was a horribly na├»ve “movie critic” Jan 23 who was trying to put down the film version by saying there were parts of it that weren’t realistic—b/c it showed the Kyle character, in the midst of a shooting war, talking to his wife on the telephone.  “Now  that wouldn’t happen,” she said cluelessly.” It was shocking to see such techno-dumbness from a supposedly young hipster movie type. But this is what passes for “film critic these days.  Give me gay Rex Reed any day.

There is much of Kyle’s wife Taya in the book, including letters she sent, worrying about her husband’s safety and her own sanity.  The letters show how families at home are sacrificing.  The war fighters and their families have to risk everything and suffer so that I can sit on my ass in the EZ chair without bullets and shrapnel flying or anyone trying to cut off my head.

Well, I should admit I did my bit in military service, ultimately ending up in an MP battalion.  It was a trifling bit dangerous once in a while, but nothing like the dangers experienced by real war fighters like Chris Kyle. Still, it gave me some insight, updated and modernized, into weapons and tactics used today.  It was heartening to read, for example, that one of my favorite weapons, the M-60 machine gun, is still in use today (albeit with some updates and improvements and a name change).  It was called a “pig” when I was in uniform and it’s still called a “pig” today.  I guess that’s because of the fast fire and way it eats up ammo. I was put on a range detail once to set up four M-60s on a range at Fort Benning Georgia.  We had to set the guns up, set boxes of ammunition near, and test fire them. With no one shooting back, it was thrilling fun. The M-60 is almost as fast as my chain saw for cutting down timber.  I never killed one bad guy but I chopped up lots of Georgia pine.  But that’s not in the book. I mention it only because there are millions of former soldiers out there who might enjoy the weapons, tactics, and equipment discussions in the early parts of “American Sniper.”  Stay tuned, however—I’m on page 70, where Iraqi Freedom and the shooting starts.  Great book, so far, and a good companion read to the film. More on both will be forthcoming. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things to Know about Terror in #Belgium

An anti-terrorist operation in Belgium may have been given added impetus from the mass murder in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices, but Belgium has long been a hotbed of Islamic terror cells.  The French are often criticized for having a lackadaisical attitude toward radical Islamists who immigrate but do not integrate, and turn toward AQ and ISIS or other terrorist groups.  But take note:

  • Belgium has been the destination of choice for over a decade as moving into France, and dealing with its more restrictive immigration policies and anti-terror laws, has made many radical Islamists turn to Belgium.
  • Belgian based terrorists have been behind 2004  terror bombings in Casablanca and in Madrid and have recruited fighters for the insurgency in Iraq to fight against and kill American troops.
  • Belgian based terrorists gave logistical support to  terrorists who posed as journalists to kill American ally and anti-Taliban leader Shah Masood in Afghanistan. 
These are just a small part of the story. The list of Belgium-based terror groups and activities is long and goes back to the time of the World Trade Center attacks.  Due to Belgium's lax criminal and anti-terror laws, it has had difficulty even in prosecuting known terrorists like Nizar Trabelsi, who in 2003 was convicted in a plot ot drive a car bomb into an American air base located in Belgium. 

Previously:  Breaking news now reported by several sources describes a police raid in Verviers, a town in eastern Belgium.  Early reports say that three suspected terrorists have been killed in a shootout, and that at least one has been taken into custody. 

The raid follows upon the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. Police have not confirmed that the police raid stemmed from the search for other suspect(s) who may have been involved in the Charlie Hebdo attacks.


Counter-Terrorism Ops in Belgium Kills Three Terrorists

Breaking news now reported by several sources describes a police raid in Verviers, a town in eastern Belgium.  Early reports say that three suspected terrorists have been killed in a shootout, and that at least one has been taken into custody.

The raid follows upon the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris. Police have not confirmed that the police raid stemmed from the search for other suspect(s) who may have been involved in the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Dershowitz, Clinton, Prince Andrew and the Kitchen Sink Civil Lawsuit

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein go for a stroll together through New York's Central Park.Credit: News of the World.Online rights must be cleared by NI Syndication.royal family, friends, group, fl, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew

Why would I, humble citizen of Hoi Polloi Nation, feel obliged to defend noted Harvard Law Professor, writer, and criminal attorney Allan Dershowitz, who  specializes in difficult higher court appeals?  He’s a millionaire and has access and knowledge of the judicial system way beyond a lay person’s comprehension.  I am Citizen Schmuck, probably like you, dear reader (if indeed anyone reads this) struggling to pay my mortgage, health insurance bills, and other expenses.

The reason is that Dershowitz and I have something in common.  We like to defend ourselves from slander and damage to our reputations.  Yes, my reputation is as important to me as his is to the world that knows him. The world that knows him will also know that his name has been associated with that of notorious billionaire playboy and convicted pedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

You can read about Epstein’s sexual predations on a number of web sites from the Huffington Post to the Daily Caller.  If you do, you will also note that Epstein liked to entertain celebs on his private island in the Caribbean.  Epstein has hosted high profile people like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and it is alleged also that Dershowitz was present at some of these sexual soirees and participating in the corruption of minors.

               What this is about, though, is that Dershowitz has been deprived of the right to a defense. Imagine that a high profile lawyer like Dershowitz, with all the resources of law, has been muffled and  menaced by a court system which cares less about facts than about the tangle of bureaucratic laws that enables someone to criminally accuse you while you have no right to defend yourself against the accusations—in this case of pedophilia.

Dershowitz is not taking it lying down as you might expect. Today’s Wall Street Journal contains his essay explaining his side of the story. You need to read Kafka, as Dershowitz suggests, to understand why he cannot sue the lawyers who brought the hearsay to a criminal court while they have sued him for defending himself.  Dershowitz has challenged the lawyers to show any evidence they have, other than the self-serving statements of certain women who were ostensibly engaged in sexual practices on Epstein’s private island and elsewhere. Dershowitz has courageously risked everything in signed statements waiving statute of limitations if any of the allegations against him can be proved.

         Of course, the sleazeball attorneys bringing the civil case (named in Dershowitz’ WSJ article) are not interested in proving anything except how much money they can get from the U.S. government. Yes, the primary target of this smear is the U.S. government prosecutors who made a deal with Epstein, accepting his guilty plea on lesser charges in exchange for a lighter prison sentence.  The lawsuit, however, names Dershowitz and Prince Andrew and just about anyone who flew over the island as victimizers of the poor young women who were paid to perform sex acts with high profile Epstein guests.

        To be clear, there are several women who allegedly worked in the sex trade, who filed suit against the U.S. government for making a deal with Epstein and his lawyers—without their participation. To give additional heft to the suit, and to apply and accuse publicly, the lawyers and the ‘plaintiffs’ have used high profile names as a sort of public reputation blackmail.

  If underage women were raped or preyed upon, then those cases should be tried in the customary criminal courts and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The problem here is that that the attorneys who brought the suit are taking advantage of a special interest quirk in the law that essentially puts Dershowitz under a gag order.  They are not interested in filing criminal rape cases against Dershowitz or Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton, because they know that, in doing so, they risk being disbarred and jailed for false accusations. 

Dershowitz  is right to disobey the law and bring the case to the court of public opinion—though he risks a great deal in doing so. Congress needs to change that special-interest protection that the lawyers in this case have so that the truth can come out.