Saturday, June 3, 2017

News Flash: Portland is Not Portlandia

The TV series called "Portlandia" showcases the capital city of Oregon as a paradise of coffee and left-wing progressivism.  Until now the national media has been too busy in its navel-gazing exploits in Washington, D.C. to disabuse us of the notion. 
But finally CNN has found something to fill its Saturday programming that was really quite interesting.  It was in a segment of "CNN Newsroom with Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul" (though I don't much care for CNN's biased coverage of late, I like both of them) that a professor named Randy Blazak appeared, not expressly to debunk the popular myths  about Portland (though he did that perhaps inadvertently) but to call for peace between dueling political factions scheduled to show up for competing political demonstrations tomorrow (Sunday). 
“We have this bubble we sort of live in –that it’s this sort of Portlandia liberal paradise but in fact there’s this racial tension been underneath all along.”
Blazak imparted a bit of interesting Oregon history, previously unknown to me.  (It's that state tucked up into the corner there so. . .)  During the Civil War era, Oregon had a bitter discussion regarding whether to be a slave state or to outlaw slavery in the state.  The anti-slavery group won the debate but with the provision that it be an "all-white" state. 
In other words, no blacks allowed?  Never heard of such a thing?  But this is a de-facto collective sociological  disorder among liberal states of the Northeast -- thinking of Vermont and New Hampshire particularly as I write this.
Professor Blazak advised that one or both groups should cancel in order to prevent violence.  He was particularly concerned that professional disruptors were coming from outside Portland with the intent of violent confrontation.   He described the left-wing organizers coming from out of town as feeling "there is a need to violently address the other side.”
I'm of largely conservative leanings, and as such very vehement in my concern for civil rights,  and I agree with Professor Blazak. Even if the progressive left threatens violence and mayhem in protest of the train stabbings that occurred during the past week, I think the conservative free-speech demonstrators planning a meetup in a park separated from the other by just one street should re-schedule theirs for another day.
Of course, they couldn't and shouldn't reschedule twice.  But it would be an informative exercise for the public.  It would clearly show who is really for 1st Amendment rights, and who really is operating in the interests of the country and its people. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

American Crime S3E4 Beating Them Down on the Farm

In the previous episode  of “American Crime,”  Coy Henson witnesses the rape of a young female field worker by Diego, one of the migrant labor bosses. As one of the few Anglo outsiders in a community of undocumented Latino farm laborers, Coy’s observance of the rape puts him in serious danger.

   Isaac is also on the spot as a go-between.  Jeanette Hesby is deeply disturbed about the fire that killed a group of farm workers but feels helpless to do anything about it.  Meanwhile, pregnant teenager Shae is sharing her own trauma in a group therapy session with  other teens at the shelter.

  Luis Salazar gets hot on the trail of his son Teo when a young Aztec woman tells Luis that one of the farm bosses gave Teo a beatdown when he tried to defend her from being raped.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Voter Fraud Deniers in Alt.Left Media

I read two articles this morning about President Trump’s call for an investigation into voter fraud during presidential election years.  One was from the Associated Press and called up weak assertions that past assertions of voter fraud were insignificant overall. These voter fraud deniers were largely the statements of state officials entrusted with managing elections.  Why wouldn’t they reject assertions that they weren’t doing the job?  To admit voter fraud would mean they’d have to do something about it, and that would upset the mostly Democratic Party apple cart.

I saw the second article pushed  on me by my cell phone push system was from the New York Times. I thought ‘Hey, the NYT has become a liberal pamphlet but they still hire some decent reporters.”  Far worse! Their article, by reporters Jonathan Weisman and Steve Eder,  begins with the a priori conclusion that Trump is lying! Read it yourself but if you don’t have time, here is how it begins:I

Standing by his false allegations of extensive voter fraud, President Trump promises a “major investigation.”

False allegations? How do they come up with “false allegations?”  How the New York Times can use such a self-condemning and Orwellian phrase like “false allegations” astounds me.  An allegation is an allegation.  What is a “false allegation?” I’ll tell you what a ‘false allegation’ is – a false allegation is a reporter who believes he/she can dictate the news rather than find facts and then report those facts.
Everyone knows there is voter fraud. The issue is more to determine how much voter fraud there is and how much can political parties get away with before they’re prosecuted? 

I’ll tell you where I’m coming from.  I was a Republican election monitor at two national elections, both of them resulting in the election of George W. Bush.  My ‘spot’ was sort of out in the boonies of Pennyslvania where I was virtually assaulted by a team of Democrats who barged in from somewhere shouting and intimidating anyone and asking loudly how anyone could vote for idiot Bush.  The guy leading them was about six foot six, maybe 250 (I’m good at guessing weight b/c I was a boxing trainer for a good number of years) and he had some followers who were far less intimidating but who, I assumed, were going to be duplicate voters. 

What I’m saying is not factual proof of voter fraud but it bears investigation.  Also bearing investigation is another voter, a Bulgarian immigrant ( a legal immigrant possessing a valid green card), who told me he voted Republican (that was a surprise) in the same election.  He was not a citizen yet. I know this because I personally drove him to Philadelphia for his citizenship swearing in ceremony. It was during our ride to the Philadelphia INS swearing-in ceremony that he told me he had voted in two elections, and so did many  of his Bulgarian (not yet citizens)  acquaintances.

Both of these anecdotes provide opportunities for plausible denial, which seems to be the mainstay of people running national elections.  But I know what I know and you should know it too.

It is hard to believe that there has been no serious or extensive federal investigation of the entire process which is so important to our democracy. This is in a country that has done extensive investigations into such vital topics as cow farts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is a composite of a news story, an editorial, and a rant:

Two prime candidates for the death penalty were arrested in Pennyslvania yesterday in a shocking fantasy/rape/murder of a fourteen year old disabled child name Grace Parker.  Forty-four year old Jacob Sullivan was arrested after telling hospital staff that  he murdered and raped the child adopted by his girlfriend Grace Packer.  Sullivan was in the hospital after a suicide attempt which he survived when a second girlfriend found him unconscious at his home in Horsham Twp. PA.  Sullivan had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and left a suicide note calling authorities ‘pigs’ and expressing love for his ‘babies’ and ranting about how he was being falsely accused. 

His lover and the victim’s adoptive mother, who worked for seven years with Northampton County’s Children and Youth Services, also tried to commit suicide.  They were apparently capable of the most heinous crime imaginable, torturing the victim who had been awarded to them by the state’s child adoptive services.  Sara Packer, the adoptive mother of mentally challenged fourteen year old Grace Parker, also attempted suicide by overdose. 

According to an Abington Police Department public information release, Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer had been planning to the murder-rape fantasy for a year or more and then decided to act upon it July 8.  They took Sara to another house that they had purchased, largely through moneys paid by the state and federal government for adoptions (the victim has a male sibling, also adopted by ‘mom’ Sara Parker).  Jacob Sullivan then beat and raped the 14 year old child, attempting then to kill her with an overdose of drugs. Sara Parker was 'aroused' by watching the torture, Sullivan told police.  Sullivan had taken Viagra to augment his manliness. Both alleged murder/rapists left the house and came back at 3:00 a.m. the next morning to find Sara still alive, whereupon Jacob Sullivan strangled her to death.

Packing the body into a container with moth balls and cat litter to stanch the odor of decay and death, the alleged murderers did not return until October when police announced they were going to enter the victim’s name into a national missing persons database.  This prompted Sara Parker to go to a Tractor Supply store to purchase a bow saw and two extra blades with which the two accused murderers dismembered Sara Parker’s body and scattered her remains in a far away remote Pennsylvania woody location in Wyoming County. The torso was  discovered by hunters; the other body parts found by police during the investigation. 

It is natural to wonder how such things happen and, once again, it seems that the system failed victim Grace Parker. After killing Grace, Sara continued to collect the child’s $700 plus Social Security disability check (likely SSI).  It is likely that other federal and state monies were paid to the evil couple – either foster care payments or federal disability checks. How do people manage to own two houses with no jobs or other visible means of support?  This is not to say that adoption payments, foster care payments, SSI, and other disability support aren’t warranted.  But it is to say that these programs and the systems dispensing such funds are unmonitored, and  out of control.

According to some news reports, Sara Parker was fired from her former position with Northampton County Children and Youth Services.  Can we assume it was ‘for cause?’  If it was ‘for cause,’ then why were the adopted children allowed to be near these monsters? And why should the state and the taxpayers pay for such hideous criminals? Alleged, of course, always alleged.