Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Manchester By the Sea – The film “Manchester by  the Sea” has got five Golden Globe Awards, in 3rd place behind “La-la Land” and “Moonlight.” Released in November, let’s point out it’s not a Christmas Story.
Manchester By the Sea
Review and recap Manchester By the Sea
Now, so that we can go on and talk about other things, let’s just stipulate that the acting, script, and direction of the Kenneth Lonergan film ‘Manchester-by-the-Sea are worthy of film award nominations.  Major characters, minor characters, all fit seamlessly in the picture creating a realistic orbit of characters around the story line. With the exception of Samuel L. Jackson, whose criticism of it was largely incomprehensible, most everyone seems to praise the film, myself included. 
The background for this film is Massachusetts, in a fictional Manchester by the Sea. The people of this film have a backdrop behind them and inside them. Their personal histories are close and intertwined, and not all of it is pretty.

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