Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton Email Malfunction

Everyone’s busy. Hillary Clinton and Democrats all over the country are counting on it. They’re hoping that the controversy that brews strong today will evaporate as the campaign season develops. But right now, Hillary is facing increasing pressure from people in her own party to face the music…err, face the kilobytes of her email messages.  Hillary Clinton didn’t have it on her schedule for today but has since adjusted her schedule mainly due to the demands of Senator Dianne Feinstein who publicly assailed her for disregarding Obama administration rules and regulations regarding ‘open government.’ Here are some questions to ask when Hillary makes her excuses today:

Was there only one email server?  Where was it placed? In Hillary’s private house or in an office?  If it was in an office, who provided security for it?  Or wasn’t security provided at all? 

What company hosted the email server?  Were its employees properly vetted?  Was there an Edward Snowden among them?  Are there other Snowdens out there who hacked into the server?  Were you aware that they could have done so?

What levels of security were on the server(s)?  Could the emails be archived right now on ISIS computers? Did you not know, Hillary, that you were in violation of Obama administration directives?  Did you not know that an American Ambassador, an employee of your state department, had been fired for doing the same thing you were doing during your tenure as Secretary of State?

Did you know there was no specific legal penalty for violating FOIA rules and calculated that you could brazen it out with any stickiness which resulted from keeping your emails located on a private server located place unknown?

Did you ever receive warning from anyone in the administration chain that you were violating federal laws (though without legal penalty)?

Will you turn over your server(s) to the FBI and to Congressional investigators? 

Where are the emails regarding Benghazi?  Are there any emails about Benghazi that cannot be released?  How many? 

 Actually, the number of questions that Hillary’s disregard of a citizen’s right to know is endless. Someone with such a reckless disregard for American democracy should not follow upon a presidency which allowed it.   

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