Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Germanwings 9525 Crash : What's That Smell?

UPDATE:  Awaiting a news conference regarding Germanwings 9525 and my prediction will be NO NEWS. Or at least NO NEW NEWS. We will be given the same reassurances to the effect that "no connection to terrorism is known at this point."  The qualifying "at this point" statement is future cover, of course. But such statements were made even hours after the crash and before the one black box was recovered. Yes, governments have taken to reassuring us instead of telling the truth. Even though we have seen beheadings, people jumping out of skyscrapers instead of being incinerated, tortures, hangings, stonings, and other barbarism, the U.S. government still spoon-feeds us a steady diet of carefully structured gibberish. 

It may very well be that 9525 wasn't taken down by terrorists, but it may very well be that it wasn't down due to pilot error, mechanical failure, or any of the other rationalizations that are freely dispersed while the possibility of terrorism is routinely dismissed. The message is: "Just relax. Everything in fine. Let your government do your worrying for you."

Among the many jagged events surrounding the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, the worst is how the media has picked  up on a statement by a White House NSA spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan that “There is no indication of a nexus to terrorism at this time."

Of course, CNN and Fox News made the statement part of their lengthy broadcasts on the crash, usually tacking it onto the tail end or front end—with one egregious mistake. Neither media outlet mentioned the “at this time” phrase.  Leaving me to wonder how the White House could have ruled out terrorism in what seemed a blanket statement.

But now you can envision Bernadette responding to a news reporter question: “Do you think the crash could have been the result of terrorism?”  So of course, you respond with the truth—that there are no indications of terrorism AT THIS TIME.
Governments lie, sometimes with good intentions, but always with terrible outcomes.  At this juncture in the national psyche, the U.S. government in particular wants to project an attitude of calm, especially in the wake of the magically disappeared MH370 of  Malaysia. People should pound on the involved governments for answers. There are numerous unexplained or unsatisfactorily explained air crashes over the years. This latest crash smells of terror.        

·       There are conflicting versions as to whether the old plane (activated in 1990) had mechanical problems in the week and hours before it took off from Barcelona.
·       Whatever happened to the plane occurred in the safest part of the flight, i.e., at the cruising speed of 38,000 feet.  Most air disasters occur at takeoff or landing.
·       Were the pilots trained to hand fly the plane should its computers be knocked out by…say…some electronic interruption? Reports say they weren’t.
·       Indications are that the plane began a  level descent from 38,000 to the crash in eight minutes. There was no mayday or communication with air traffic controllers. The plane didn’t go into a flat spin or any other erratic pattern, say reports.
·        There are plenty of reasons and actual terror attacks indicating that terrorists are looking for soft targets now.
·       One of the black boxes has already been recovered. You can be sure someone has already listened to it and already has a great deal of information which leaves all news reports, including this one, high and dry.


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