Monday, February 9, 2015

Buy a Dinosaur Pickup Truck - Your Other Car Can Be Hacked

I've dreamed about this. I'm driving along in my late model sedan when suddenly the steering wheel is wrenched from my hands and evil minds point the car at a telephone poll, a tree, or the guardrails. Or I've put my laptop in the backseat, locked the doors, all that just long enough to pop into the local Panera for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. When I come out, the doors are unlocked, my laptop is gone, and my own car is trying to run me over.

"You've been hacked!" screams my feverish brain. Science fiction? Hallucinogens?  Bath salts, perhaps.  But it's not far-fetched according to lots of people including Jalopnik, which HERE details how DARPA hacks cars equipped with computer technologies that many have grown to expect as basic minimum in driver accommodation.

I'm fighting back, and you should too. Buy an old car or truck as I did. My 2004 Ford F-150 4WD has old crank windows, rubber floor mats (no carpeting), and stick shift.  To adjust the outside mirrors (even in ten below weather), I have to open the window, lean out and set it to my eyeball height or to grant the widest visibility possible.  But I can't be hacked. 

So, be like me and buy an old manually operated everything pickup truck. People will be frightened when they see you coming at them with such a primitive instrument. When the cyber-war comes, dude, we'll be leaving my wife's sedan home. Rock on!

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