Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Killers Reported Holed Up In Woods

Update: Latest information is that the two brother/murderers were spotted running into a wooded area northeast of Paris and closer to the French border with Belgium.  Given that their identities were known, one would think their first concern would be getting out of France. Apparently, there was a sighting of two individuals fleeing in the forest after abandoning their highjacked vehicle. French helicopters are circling above and, like the police scouring the area below, are equipped with night vision and infrared equipment which should be able to spot movement and/or heat signatures--if there is movement and movement is above ground.  It is believed there are caves in the area, but if this is so, it would be difficult such people as these two terrorists to stay underground for long.  The temperature in the woods hovers around 40-45 degrees--not frigid, but certainly uncomfortable and likely extremely difficult for comfort loving urban or suburban types.  They are not like our American survivalists like the Pennsylvania cop-killer Eric Frein, or Richard Rudolf, both of whom lived in the woods for considerable lengths of time before being apprehended. So if it was indeed these two who were seen running into the woods, it is a matter of being thorough, patient, relentless, alert and cautious about having more cops killed.Were I a less humane individual, and were I certain there were no innocents in the area, including furry animals (who matter much more than these two subhumans), I would be thinking napalm.  

Were the Killers running to French Border with Belgium?

The following speculations have been based on a variety of media and social network sources. This does not presume to be a factual and accurate account as I do not have access to information held by law enforcement. Everyone’s invited to point out where I am in error. In fact, I would appreciate it. This is a crowdsourced report.
I’m puzzled by the French police response to the attack and the time it took to execute people in the Charlie Hebdo offices. Several news stations/papers report that the attack/slaughter took thirty five minutes. Other news reports have it that the killers got their way into the “secure” building by forcing a woman to use her passcard/keycard to open the electronic door. One report has it that the terrorists weren’t sure where the Hebdo offices were and got an answer from someone at the building. They then proceeded up the stairs to the magazine offices.  A report says they killed the receptionist.  They knew that the editorial board meeting was on that day and that most of the principals of the satirical publication would assemble. They separated men from the women and asked for Charlie Hebdo who was the first to be killed.  Other cartoonists and writers were identified and shot. 

During the shooting, several people called police and, of course, there is that excellent amateur video that will provide a minutes to second timeline.  Is it true that the first cops to respond were bicycle policemen who were unarmed and fled when they heard gunfire.  I don’t know how long it was before a police car came with two cops. There is plenty of news coverage showing that bullet-riddled  police vehicle, and I believe both of those cops were  killed. The most horrendous scene of all involves a wounded police lying on the sidewalk. One of the terrorists approaches him calmly and, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal says something like:

“You tried to kill us.”
Wherein the cop, with his hands up says something like:
“No problem here, you’re the boss,” before getting shot point blank and coldly by the terrorist.

They then get into the Citroen and drive away.  News reports differ in telling why one killer stoops underneath to retrieve something under the car.  One says it was a shoe. Another reports it was an ammo magazine.

Were there three people involved in the attack itself—that is, present at the drive- in or the killing?  Most reports say that there were two assailants and a third man, a driver, who began the attack. Two assailants, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, are identified as the gunmen.  As of this writing, none of these three principals have been apprehended or killed.  The two brothers were identified by a passport left by one of the brothers in the Citroen used first to attack the magazine offices and then later to escape.  The Citroen was abandoned later when another vehicle was carjacked.  One news story has it that the driver of the carjacked vehicle was allowed to take his dog before the two carjackers escaped in his vehicle.

  What is the connection between the 18 year old who turned himself in to police and the two/three men who committed the slaughter? Many news sources are reporting that this person was in school at the time of the shooting, and that he turned himself in when his name was associated with the massacre on social media. Police have not released anything more than his name--Hamyd Mourad and the town where he surrendered himself: Charleville-Mézières.

 Since the town is close to the border with Belgium, I speculate that they want to enter Belgium as part of their escape plan.  This comports with other news reports of a convenience store gas station robbery, and the murder of a policewoman in a Paris suburb, also to the northeast.  The direction of travel is clearly toward the northeast and Belgium.  As a consequence of these events, French gendarmes have concentrated on investigations in that area.

I expect that when the two brothers are captured/killed, the followup investigations will yield astounding results which will be surprising to the general public but not to anti-terror investigators. Hopefully, this latest attack will be enough to convince people to give up being polite or PC in the way information about terror is disseminated. People are not stupid. Everyone knows that every Muslim is not a terrorist. There’s no need to apologize or genuflect to the Muslims of the world every time it is necessary to take action against Islamist Nazi killers. We know that description does not apply to every lovely Muslim lady who works at the supermarket or at the school. But this current level of mealy mouthed discussion of terror will only lead to more innocent victims being slaughtered. Liberal courts freed  Cherif Kouachi after he served 18 months of a 3 year sentence for sending recruits to fight Americans in Iraq under the command of the notorious butcher Zarquawi.  Zarqawi got his from a Bush ordered missile strike and I hope the brothers Kouachi, and anyone else associated with this slaughter will get theirs, too.  Coming soon.

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