Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hayat Boumeddiene Married or Not?

 Hayat Boumeddiene -- lover of messed-up killer Islamist Ahmed Coulibady is variously said to be married to him or his girlfriend.  The facts, I believe, were revealed in a Wall Street Journal article today.  Apparently, a religious service was conducted at Coulibady's home with the purpose of uniting the couple in matrimony.  There was one big problem, however--Hayat Boumeddiene did not attend. We don't know where she was but she wasn't there for the service.  Only two sets of parents were there, giving approval and blessings for this "marriage" made in hell, but Hayat wasn't.

That means the "marriage" isn't recognized by the French government, nor by most other governments.  I don't know where such marriages are recognized, since such an arrangement would be convenient for all of us wishing to marry up.  
I might wish (with the approval of my parents) to be married to Pippa Middleton, for example.  But duh!  If no one tells her of this marriage, and if no one knows whether she consented or not, the marriage is a mirage.

A mirage! As was much of the news coverage of this horrific event.

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