Monday, November 24, 2014

President Urkel Obama Undeclares War on Taliban

This story comes from the Wall Street Journal. I take no credit for going to Afghanistan and talking to the Taliban.  It concerns President Obama's recent "pivot" (that being the administration's current favored catch phrase) on Afghanistan.  The Urkel prez has decided that his pacification process (aimed at the American military, not the enemy) was a little too much, too soon.  Since the president shared his appointment calendar for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has caused all sorts of havoc in the country, killed scores of innocence people in suicide bombing and other psychotic anti-human attacks, and made territorial gains which had been previously denied them by a concerted effort in American and Afghan blood.

Now, the U.S. military has dragged Obama away from the Choom Gang and back to reality.  Obama has, after much cajolery, decided to attack the Taliban again, but only in places deemed absolutely necessary, i.e, when their positioning is dangerous to US personnel and interests.

But what do you do, Mr. President, about the "tide of war is declining" statements you have frequently made?  I shouldn't be so critical, perhaps. A naive babe last to learn to crawl before he learns how to walk.

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