Monday, November 24, 2014

Headline Chasing: Logan International Airport, Boston

Today, we turn our attention to the really important news of the day.  As a public service to those who may have to change planes at Logan International Airport, I report the following;

A couple of days ago, a 26 year old man went into the women's bathroom, stripped naked, and climbed up into the dropped ceiling just before a female patron decided she had to go potty. As one misstep often leads to another, however, the man put his weight on the wrong ceiling tile and fell through, disturbing nature's business issuing from the body of the poor, horrified female patron.  I would hope there is a lawsuit stemming from this incident.  Airports have the responsibility of keeping their customers safe from such horrors.

Not only did the whackjob parachute from the ceiling onto the unsuspecting woman, he then proceeded to run out of the bathroom and attack and 80 plus year old man walking with the help of canes.  The offender tried to kill the octogenarian by pressing the cane against the old man's neck, but was thwarted by security which arrived upon being alerted by shocked Logan Airport travelers.

I know there are skeptics among you, so I am linking this story from the Daily Mail.  So you see -- Logan International continues to grab headlines, even in British newspapers.

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