Monday, November 17, 2014

From Warren Buffet's Mouth to Obama'sEars: XL Pipeline Veto Train Wreck

Here's a riddle for you.  What has been approved through four EPA reviews and carries the imprimatur of Secretary's of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry?  You guessed it. THE XL PIPELINE!  Now you get the hat and a free copy of White House Stink as President Obama tells the world he's smarter than everyone else and will veto any bill Congress puts on his desk approving the pipeline much sought by Obama's CANADIAN ENEMIES and by dozens of Democrat congress members like Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. 

That's what happens when Billionaire Obama supporters like Warren Buffett buys up railroads and puts billions into transporting oil by rail all over both countries.  Obama can't get off the man's errr... you know what...  because with Buffet's continued support it's a bit like Obama hitting the powerball lottery.

The question is how long can the mandarin in the White House keep on deceiving American workers and depriving them of much needed jobs?  Where are the so-called Demcrat "populists" like left wing neo Marxist Elizabeth Warren on this?  I guess her "populism" extends only to the academic limouse elite liberals who put millions into their campaign funds. 

It's a known fact, too, that the pipeline is far safer environmentally than trains.  And they've killed less people, too, unless you want to conveniently forget about the those Canadians who were killed in an oil train crash in Lac Megantic.  I guess it's small potatoes with the environment left when an oil train crash only kills FORTY-SEVEN people.

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