Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Democrats Kill XL Pipeline in Senate Vote

In spite of Sen. Mary Landrieu's last minute hustle to find centrist Democratic senators, a bi-partisan bill to green light the Keystone XL Pipeline failed just an hour ago in the Senate.  All 45 Republican senators voted with Democrat Landrieu but she couldn't convince the plethora of anal-retentive left-wing Democrats that the pipeline would created jobs and boost the nation's economy.

What this means, of course, is that well-heeled limousine elitists will continue to kill jobs for blue-collar and oil products factory workers who would benefit from the building of the pipeline.  Meanwhile,the anti-oil industry limousine liberal elites continue to gulp down huge quantities of oil and its by-products in their huge homes and private jets.  They, too, have their Jonathan Grubers who use deception to convince the victims of failed economic policies that it is better to fill billionaire Warren Buffett's oil trains than to safely move oil down through a pipeline to the people of Louisiana, Mary Landrieu's home state.

To the issue of human safety and environmental safety, I have a two- word response:  Lac Megantic.  Be sure to watch the video of the little Canadian town that was virtually annihilated by an oil train explosion.  Aside from destroying a good part of the town, and killing forty-seven people and injuring many more, the oil train disaster has required great new expenditures on HazMat teams and long term cleanup operations. If you're thinking that what happens in Canada doesn't concern Americans, then keep in mind that these very same trains pass through Maine and other states.

Moreover, what's wrong with helping the Canadian economy by passing the XL Pipeline?  Has the White House declared war on Canada?  That will be next, I suppose.  For why does Obama balk at establishing an economy of mutual benefit to both Canada and the U.S.?  After all, the Obama White House hasn't hesitated to provide foreign aid to people who want to kill us.  Well, perhaps, that's the whole thing in a nutshell.

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