Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last Chance: A Novel of Betrayal and Redemption

You can buy "Last Chance" for only $2.99 at the Kindle Store.

It's a big business.  Narcotics, drugs.  For some, it's recreation.  Is it such a big deal if you want to hang around your TV set on a rainy day and smoke a blunt?  No, it's not.  But weed isn't the whole story.  .

Billions of dollars flow out of the U.S. every year and into the hands of people who want to do us in.  Coke, heroin, methampetamine.  Some of the weed is grown in the U.S. and lots of the methamphetamine is made in the U.S., too, but much more of it comes from outside the country.

 You may think that's okay, at the same time you bitch about corruption, about how you're the victim of him or them or the white guys, the black guys, the immigrants, the government, a whole list of oppressors imagined or real.

It's bigger than you think. The important thing is that the billions of  dollars that flow out of the U.S. are enough to impact the economy as a whole.  The dollars are used to buy American institutions, businesses, allegiances, and governments.  U.S dollars are used to buy heavy weapons for terrorist groups in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia,  and in places like Afghanistan.

 I wrote a book about it.  A fiction book.  I can only tell the truth by lying about it in fiction.  The name of the book is "Last Chance."  Take a look.  Click on it. Maybe you don't like the cover.  Maybe you don't like the title.  Never mind, read the book. I think you'll find it interesting.

You need to realize how much and what the billions of dollars sucked out of America is doing to the country.

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