Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who's Right? Director Weinstein or Howard Stern

NRA-ILA | Pride and Prejudice? Hollywood Mogul Aims to Attack NRA with New Film

Wherein a well-known Hollywood producer/director tacks this way and that as the mood suits him.  Guns might have saved the day for some of the Nazi holocaust victims during the Warsaw uprising of Polish Jews.  Weinstein admits this, yet he would have taken their guns away in the years leading up to Hitler's extermination camps.

Hey, the guy makes movies so what does he know about real life?  If that's not ironic enough consider that Hollywood hardly ever makes a film without gratuitous gunplay.  In face,extraneous gun play in movies is likely what sends unstable people off their rockers on American streets and in American schools. 

Bottom line.  Weinstein would take guns away from responsible people while promoting gun violence to whackos through excessivly violent film.  I guess there is a plot shortage and a dearth of creativity in Weinstein's neighborhood.

Anyway, hit the link. It's an interesting news report about Weinstein's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. Incidentally, Howard Stern is a gun owner and has a carry permit.

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