Monday, October 21, 2013

Improve Your Life: See the Film "Gravity." - Yahoo Voices -

Improve Your Life: See the Film "Gravity." - Yahoo Voices -

I'm used to ducking punches in my boxing classes but it was quite electrifying to react to 3-D onslaughts of flying bolts, metal tools, debris and what-not bouncing around in directionless space. It's rather a nice feeling to know that "up" is not always "up" and "down" is not always "down" and you feel that viscerally in "Gravity."

To put it politely, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are not my favorite actors but I loved them both throughout the hour and 23 minute movie, and even on the way home. Clooney's cheerfulness in the death dealing void of space paralleled the knowledge all creatures have of their own mortality, and was somehow uplifting.

Bullock had gotten herself into fine physical shape and being with her in length, width, and depth, both emotionally and physically, well, it was an experience I'm still analyzing.

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