Friday, June 7, 2013

Strassel: An IRS Political Timeline -

Strassel: An IRS Political Timeline -

What's a BOLO List?  It's the White House indirect order for the organs of government and society to attack Obama opposition.  It means "Be On the Lookout" for conservative thinkers and think-tank organizations.

 Kim Strassel's timeline is telling, and is as good as we can get to solid proof Obama ordered IRS targeting of conservative groups. 

As Rush Limbaugh said recently,   there are no evidential documents "proving" that Adolf Hitler had anything to do with the extermination of Jews during WWII. 

Obama's not Hitler, but he's the perfect example of an anti-colonial leftist for whom the end justifies the means.  In other words, he's willing to use government bureaucracies like the IRS and the Justice Department to suborn free speech and thought.

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