Sunday, April 14, 2013

Imperial Governor Cuomo Avoids “In-Kind” Tax, Demands Fealty, Free Rides from Taxpayers

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly wagged his finger at the scandal-ridden New York legislature, attempting to depict himself as the model of public integrity he is NOT.   What Cuomo does best is to make noble-sounding rules for other guys to follow, rules which don’t apply to Imperial Governors.  

You know how it works.  Keep your State Police security guard close, and free, independent minded citizens at a distance.  Unless they’re already shown to be solidly in your camp (meaning “submissive”), they can’t be trusted, Cuomo believes.

Cuomo routinely uses the instruments of state power to pummel political enemies and allies alike.  When he was Attorney General, he went after disgraced former Gov. Elliot Spitzer (and fellow Democrat) for using state planes, automobiles, and helicopters for personal use.   

According to reports, Spitzer would fly down to Hooker Haven in D.C.  to meet with high-priced call girls.  He paid for the women out of his own pocket (and his wife’s pockets, too) but the travel arrangements were courtesy of the state taxpayers.

As Imperial Governor now, Gov. Andy also feels entitled to spend hard earned taxpayer money on his personal self-indulgences.   Instead of living in Gracie Mansion, provided to him by the taxpayers, he uses state aircraft to fly down to West Chester to visit his live-in billionaire BFF girlfriend Sandra Lee. 

According to an account in the Wall Street Journal, Cuomo’s daughters live with the BFF GF, too.  All the benefits of marriage—without marriage. Is that to give the affair the air of respectability?   

A better air of respectability would be for the governor to marry Sandra Lee.   That may be his personal business, of course, but when you’re governor of a state, you forfeit the privacy a private individual might expect.   

It comes with the turf. If you don’t want your personal beliefs analyzed, then stay home with your GF, wherever that is.  Otherwise, everything you do sends a political message.  

The message New York is getting is that of an Imperial Governor who flaunts the rules he touts in public.

Cuomo abolished the previous ethics committee and established a new one with people who worked for him, people he knew would look the other way as he misused state resources, and retaliated against critics.

Lest these concerns be seen as the steaming detritus of a gossip column, let’s be clear on two things:

Governor Cuomo has not paid IRS federal taxes on these purloined “in-kind” gifts by New York taxpayers.  When common ordinary taxpayers are paid “in-kind” (meaning you get a car, a free hotel stay in Vacationland, or a Rolex watch instead of cash money), it counts as income under IRS rules and is taxable.

Governor Cuomo has not reimbursed the taxpayers for these “gifts” of taxpayer largesse.  Doing so would eliminate the tax problem posed by undeclared “in-kind” income, and would be in keeping with New York State law.

Of course, New York State law and a submissive voter base has never been anything an Imperial Governor had to worry about.




Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Hops In Basketball

I started to watch basketball...that's how things are going.  In college rock, I watched the entire Syracuse loss, that was novel for me.  As an outsider, it was an exciting game, played largely by the hand of God. Michigan could miss from the 3-point line in the first half.  In the second half, they couldn't hit and Syracuse had a chance, albeit a small one.

I can dig it that the Carter-Williams kid is leaving for the NBA.  It's not 1960 any more where the only place you can get an education is in college.  These days knowledge floods in from everywhere.   Whereas it's a chance for Carter-Williams, a nice chance to get up and over.

He's  nice giant.  I hope he gets over.

Accused Child Rapist/ Murder David J. Renz Perfect Fit for Death Row

You read the news.  You may know this.  If you live in Central New York, you may have heard about David J. Renz.  David J. Renz had been arrested in late 2012 as the result of a federal investigation into child pornography.  He had four computers and tons of ugly files involving bestial acts with children.   Imagine the worst—no, don’t. 

There’s a town near Syracuse named Clay, NY. It was there, in the parking lot of the Northern Mall, that David J. Renz accosted librarian Lori Bresnahan and her 10 year old daughter as they were leaving the child’s gymnastics class.

Renz, who should have been in jail, was released on bail with the approval of Obama appointee and U.S. Attorney Richard S. Hartunian.   If you read the indictment charging child pornography etc, it would have been clear that Renz posed a danger to children at the very least.  

If it wasn’t clear then, it is clear now.  Renz removed his electronic monitoring bracelet, kidnapped Bresnahan and her daughter, forced them to a remote part of the giant parking lot, tied them up and raped the child.  After raping the child, he drove them to an abandoned road where he stabbed the woman to death as she fought to save the child.  The child, though bound with plastic ties, escaped and ran into the roadway where she was rescued by two passing motorists. 

Renz fled but was captured by police, still wearing the bloody clothes when he attacked Lori.  Just yesterday, Renz had the nerve to plead innocent, probably looking for some kind of deal.  The Onondaga District Attorney, Fitzpatrick, seems willing to oblige, as the death penalty is in liberal suspension in the state of New York.  Nor will Fitzpatrick even deign to mention the federal death penalty, which applies in this case.

To be specific, I’m citing an article on Yahoo which mentions the federal criminal codes which apply: 

“U.S.C. 1201 applies to murder during a kidnapping) and 18 U.S.C. 2551 applies to cases of "murder related to sexual exploitation of children."


The situation is clear in a county which doesn’t allow women like Bresnahan to obtain concealed carry permits, and yet can’t protect them and their children in public parking lots in quiet middle-class suburban towns.  There is now in the local newspapers a great deal of liberal prating about the wrongheadedness of the death penalty, but no hand-wringing among this group regarding the death penalty of Lori Bresnahan (not to mention the absolute terror & horror & torture of her murder) nor the rape of the child. 

Surely, these people do care about the victims, but the manner of their caring makes it certain to happen again and again and again.  Just as in the Petit case in Connecticut, this murderer, when proved in court, deserves the same sentence as those murderer/rapists.

Need more evidence of hypocrisy?  These very same liberals cheered for the execution of mass killer Timothy McVeigh. Not a peep out of them.  Nor should there have been.



Friday, April 5, 2013

Economy Flatline: The Cure has Been as Bad as the Disease - Yahoo! Voices -

Economy Flatline: The Cure has Been as Bad as the Disease - Yahoo! Voices -

COMMENTARY | In 2012, people had a chance to choose an economic way forward. They chose President Obama's way.
The Obama way was to stimulate the economy through "stimulus" government spending and monetary policy that kept interest rates near zero. Accelerating the money supply pumped up the financial markets.

Wall Street was quiet, a silent partner in the financial fraud. Voters were quiet because they were promised something for nothing.

It helped, too, that Eurozone economies were falling apart so fast that the Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke couldn't weaken the dollar fast enough to keep up, a relationship explained in Daily FX. Compared to the sickly Euro, the dollar and the American economy was safe harbor
But today's plunging employment figures stunned Wall Street and sent stocks tumbling. There was an increase of only 88,000 non-farm jobs, compared to analyst projections of 200,000 jobs, according to Reuters.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Installers of Latest Samsung Push App Experience the Rapture - Yahoo! Voices -

Installers of Latest Samsung Push App Experience the Rapture - Yahoo! Voices -

I immediately thought of people being pushed to their deaths from New York subway platforms. You could attribute the conjuring of that dismal image to generational dysfunction. If I were a savvy post-collegiate twenty-something, I would have immediately known that these persistent, annoying incursions into my private Idaho could propel me to new heights of self-awareness, to raptures heretofore inconceivable

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New York Politicians Need to Clean the People’s House - Yahoo! Voices -

New York Politicians Need to Clean the People’s House - Yahoo! Voices -

COMMENTARY | The criminal complaint filed Friday by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara against six prominent New York political officials has spread like a radioactive cloud, leaving politicians scurrying for their hazmat suits.

If you haven't heard, the scandal involves a Democratic New York state senator named Malcolm Smith, accused of paying Republican New York City councilman Daniel Halloran to assist him in bribing two other Republican political officials.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tammany Hall Deja Vu in New York City Bribery Bust - Yahoo! News

Tammany Hall Deja Vu in New York City Bribery Bust - Yahoo! News

People are finally learning how to pronounce the name of Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2009. Among other duties, Bharara's mission is to fight corruption in state and local government. Few New York histories fail to mention the Tammany Hall government which set the tone of New York City politics in the 19th century. The biggest problem with such histories is that the clandestine political corruption of political bosses is depicted as the detritus of a bygone era. Not so. Bharara just filed a criminal complaint against several New York political operatives he accused of conspiring to bribe political officials in return for favors, according to the New York Daily News.

What are the charges in the criminal complaint?
The complaint is long, amounting to 28 pages, and was filed at the end of March. But the basis of the complaint is that New York state Sen. Malcom Smith, a Democrat, along with his consorts, allegedly bribed Republican Party officials to enter the Republican primary race for mayor of New York City.