Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Filibuster Dog & Pony Show or Talk Radio Script

Who are these losers on Twitter who were today and yesterday so proud of Senator Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster  yesterday?  Are they delusional?  

The occasion for the prolonged Show and Tell was the senate confirmation hearings for CIA director John Brennan.  Even Senator Paul agrees that Brennan will be confirmed, and that he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

What I like about Senator Rand Paul is that he’s a “regular guy,” the kind of guy who might change his own flat tire when he’s not out on the range trying out his new Remington.  But after making a grand show of his opposition to  Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Rand reversed himself and voted for Hagel. 

Yesterday, he used the occasion of Brennan’s nomination to take the stage as leader of the Libertarian  so-far-right-they’re-left cheering section.   That enhanced his profile, but it also sucked up much needed oxygen on issues that really need answers.

But the worst thing about Rand Paul’s filibuster was he voted for the incompetent Hagel and spent a tremendous amount of energy opposing the competent Brennan.  Brennan escaped the grilling by Congress without revealing significant details about Benghazi, true, but supplanting the black hole of Benghazi, something that did happen, with a hypothetical drone scenario which didn’t happen, is just the sort of thing that marginalizes.

Besides, doesn’t it worry the tight sneakers “principled” crowd that Rand Paul’s filibuster was praised by uber-lib Jon Stewart,  Left Wing-Ding Van Jones, and actor John Cusack?  Ask Andrea Tantaros , if you don’t believe me, or check her Twitter TL.   And doesn’t it clue anyone in that Ron Wyden joined with Rand Paul to open up the filibuster? 

It should, but then again, these people I’m talking about are intellectually numb, monomaniac, and born to lose.

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