Monday, December 24, 2012

Japan's Shinzo Abe Said "NO" --and the Money Printers Panicked

Christmas Eve goes on all around me.  Downstairs, a lonely woman is talking to another lonely woman on the telephone.  Somewhere planes are landing as others are taking off and people are punching keystrokes into their cell phones nervously.

The new Prime Minister of Japan is the new “Honest Abe.”   He’s fed up with countries that fire up the presses to counterfeit their money to beggar their citizens, to depress their wages, increase their exports, and mainly trying to save their own asses. 

The new Japanese Prime Minister is not really “Honest Abe.”  His real name is Shinzo Abe and that “Abe” thing is pronounced “Ah-bey” but at least he’s not a slimy crook like Treasury Secretary Tim “Turbotax” Geithner.    With America leading the way down into the financial cesspool, other countries are expected to follow suit.  They are the master class.  Ours but to spend or die. 

Nobody gives a shit if bread costs three dollars and some ghetto rat has to rob a liquor store at knifepoint or sell drugs to feed his rugrats.  The Master Class must convince the media that it is “saving the economy.”  The media will then contribute to the wall of B.S. washing down like a Japanese typhoon on the unsuspecting too ground down with worry to even give a shit.

So Shinzo Abe of Japan is at least one dude who is not going for it.   I salute you Shinzo, and I hope you will slap our American president into wakefulness.

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