Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not Too Late To Turn Back Now

President Obama's latest trope is hilarious, borrowed from a 70s pop song about a guy who has lost his love and can't return to her.  Obama has borrowed the phrase without regard for copyright, and holds it out as if it were an original stroke of brilliance, then he tried to spin his election as some sort of inevitability.  Under Obama's misguided "leadership," we've gone so far over the borderline that we cannot "turn back now" as we approach:

  • the fiscal cliff
  • conflagration in the Middle East
  • massive debt and the ensuing threat of further credit rating decline
  • a gutted military
  • a national welfare state
  • abrogations of the U.S. Constitution
  • lies, deceptions, coverups
The list goes on.  But the fact is we DO have time to turn back now, and the moment is propitious.    It's important to seize the day.  Romney's counter-slogan should be Carpe Diem, in the way he snatched the first debate, exposing Obama as the bumbling little wretch he is without a teleprompter & and compliant media.

We have only a month to go before we get the chance to oust the Great Deceivers who lied about the terrorist attacks and the murders of our embassy personnel, who covered up donor scandals, fast & furious revelations, and who know what else, and in their latest incantation doctored the unemployment figures retroactively to benefit Obama & the DNC. 

The time to act is now.  Romney is an incredibly brilliant man of integrity, a man of the center-right who can lead this country out of its economic miasma and back to its core values.  Let's do it.  We're on the verge, staring down into the abyss, and with courage we will prevail.

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