Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama Administration Appeasers Struck Dumb as Morsi Calls for Release of Blind Sheikh

You've heard, haven't you?  The new Egyptian president-elect Mohammed Morsi wants the United States to release the "Blind Sheikh" from prison.  Or maybe you were too young to have heard of the Islamist potentate Omar Abdel-Rahman who spearheaded the World Trade Center bombing.

No!  Not the one that murdered and incinerated 3,000 Americans, the one before that, where only six people were killed, but a hundred injured.  Did I say only 6 people?  It goes to show you how numb and how accepting we have become to Islamic violence. 

As if it were a mere trifle.   But the 1993 attack was apparently not enough of a wake-up call for President Clinton, who refused to take Osama Bin Laden into custody when the Sudanese offered him up on a platter.

Sheikh Omar-Rahman, you may know, had family connections with bin Laden and was the mastermind of the 1993 attacks, among other accomplishments.  The BBC quoted Bruce Pomper, a broker in the World Trade Center, after the attack.

"It felt like an airplane hit the building," said Pomper.

Hello!  Airplane!  Anyone home?   Aside from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, I mean.  But don't be angry, the new Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, headed by Mohammed Morsi, last week announced to the world it has moderated its views in an inaugural message of tolerance to women and Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Morsi forgot to send a message of tolerance to Israel.  Nor did he make any statement in reference to the decades old peace treaty signed by Anwar Sadat.  You do remember Sadat?    The Egyptian leader who courageously  broke with fellow Arabs to sign a peace treaty with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin? 

 Of course,  Egypt's Anwar Sadat was assassinated shortly thereafter but what better way to show moderation and tolerance by the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated Islamo-Nazis than to murder and infidel president?

There is good reason to think the Obama administration is buying into the idea of a moderated Muslim Brotherhood.   An administration that loudly called for Mubarak to step down is suddenly cowed into silence at Morsi's insulting and offensive call for Abdel-Rahman's release.

It's not as if Morsi's call for the release of the Blind Sheikh came as a surprise.  A pro Blind Sheikh demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in March of this year provided a clue, but the Obama administration is so anxious to curry favor with Islamic militants that it has looked the other way and tolerated the humiliation in silence.

Hillary Clinton's State Department hasn't yet told Morsi to shut his face, and that is a statement in itself.  There is an election coming in November and the whole lot of appeasers need to be booted out of office:  Hillary, Valerie, Barack and Joe;  Eric, Tim, and Benedict Bernanke, too.

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