Friday, June 1, 2012

The ‘Road to Damascus’ Is Not Road to Peace - Yahoo! News

The ‘Road to Damascus’ Is Not Road to Peace - Yahoo! News:

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COMMENTARY | "I think we may be beginning to see the wheels coming off this bus," said U.N Ambassador Susan Rice after a Security Council Meeting yesterday.
In Syria, months of queasy diplomacy among Arab League, European Union, and U.N. emissaries had come to nothing. Rice's dire warning appeared today in the Wall Street Journal.
Responsibility to Protect or "R2P" is the U.N. policy invoked as justification for the NATO bombing of Libya, where there were no large-scale massacres of civilians, as there are today in Syria. R2P assumes a moral dimension that is perhaps lacking in the Syrian crisis.
Ambassador Rice's bleak outlook followed days after an Associated Press report that there were 32 children "under the age of ten" among the 90 persons massacred last week in Houla.
To excuse failure of Syria policy, we emphasize the well-publicized diplomatic factors that argue for inertia. Syria could implement the peace deal it abrogated last month. The U.N. Security Council could impose sanctions, with nasty letters to follow.

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