Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obama-Holder: The Odor of Fast & Furious Corruption Hangs Over White House

Obama has intervened in the Fast and Furious investigation to protect Attorney General Holder who will protect him when the 2012 election explodes into deception, illegal activity, and some level of violence.

A president with integrity would have fired Holder, or at least ordered him to release the documents that Chairman Issa wants. We are not talking about national security secrets here.

As time goes by, it becomes clearer to everyone that President Obama has a particular kind of closed-end mentality. Key people may leave the administration but they are never fired.

The only person ever to have been "fired" is Samantha Powers, the Obama foreign policy advisor and architect of R2P, who called Hillary Clinton a "monster." That was plainly embarrassing, but Powers' position was unpaid, and who gave a damn about a female aide at that early point in the administration?

The Obama administration is all about image, not reality or truthfulness, for the stonewalling associated with Fast and Furious is precisely an attempt to present a view of the administration which is precisely opposite of what it really is.

Obama can leak when it comes to Stuxnet or the use of drones or the Seal Team attack on Bin Laden, but the lid is iron-tight on a routine investigation of Eric Holder's justice bureaucracy.

Don't we need to know the degree to which America's top cop suborned the important mission of the national criminal enforcement agencies?

Don't we have sons like Brian Terry who are motivated to serve the interests of national security and must not be sacrificed to the giant egos and hidden agendas of politically motivated and appointed bureacrats?

Fast and Furious stonewalling has all the appearance of a rat's nest. The contemptible Holder is most interested in covering up the facts of the Fast and Furious operation with its 140,000 pages of documents.

There's something horribly rotten there, something dark. The stink of it hangs over the White House like a noxious gas.

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