Sunday, April 22, 2012

White House Placated China in Neil Heywood Affair - Yahoo! News

White House Placated China in Neil Heywood Affair - Yahoo! News:

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COMMENTARY |Reuters reports that China holds $1.18 Trillion in U.S. debt. The Obamaadministration would like Chinese support at the P-5 plus 1 talks with Iran. The Chinese are also expected to curb the reckless impulses of the North Korean leadership.
The political scandal stemming from a mysterious British businessman's suspicious death in China is the last thing President Obama needs right now. The New York Times says the incident has left "the Obama administration in a scandal it wants nothing to do with."
Republicans are now questioning why the U.S. State Department in February refused to shelter Wang Lijun, a would-be Chinese defector considered to be of significant intelligence value.
I'll give you the cable television political thriller version:
Last November, British citizen Neil Heywood was found dead on the floor of his hotel in the burgeoning city of Chongquing.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Q&A: New Twist in 33-Year-Old Etan Patz Case Stuns New York - Yahoo! News

Q&A: New Twist in 33-Year-Old Etan Patz Case Stuns New York - Yahoo! News After 33 years, a police cadaver dog picked up human scent beneath a slab of concrete in the basement of a Lower Manhattan apartment. At that Prince Street location lived Etan Patz, a 6-year-old child who vanished while walking to his school bus stop alone for the first time. The resurfacing of the Etan Patz case, after 33 years, has generated shock but also new hope that there will be closure for the parents of the child. What police find now will either point to a building handyman or leave even more questions unanswered. Here are the pertinent questions and answers in the now-revived case: (tricked you--you have to click on the headline)

Are Oil Speculators to Blame for High Gas Prices? - Yahoo! News

Are Oil Speculators to Blame for High Gas Prices? - Yahoo! News President Barack Obama's targeting of oil speculators coincided with a Los Angeles Times report of a national average gasoline price of $3.92 per gallon. The president accused oil speculators of irresponsibility for the gasoline price increases that threaten the recovery. While there are several factors affecting the price of gas, oil speculators are an easy target. Public anger makes people more willing to blame them for the price increases. What is oil speculation?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I’m Taking Pennsylvania’s New Voter ID Law for a Test Run - Yahoo! News

I’m Taking Pennsylvania’s New Voter ID Law for a Test Run - Yahoo! News

COMMENTARY | Having volunteered to work the polls for Pennsylvania's April 24 primary, I was required to attend a process briefing. The elections supervisor for our district reviewed the state's newly enacted voter I.D. regulation stemming from House Bill 934.

The elections supervisor told the assembled mixed party crowd of election workers that voter identification was not a rigid requirement to vote in the primaries. She said we were to ask the voter for photo identification, but not to prevent anyone from voting if they didn't have identification acceptable under Pennsylvania's voter ID law.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Illegal Homicide, Not Hate Crime - Yahoo! News

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Illegal Homicide, Not Hate Crime - Yahoo! News

Angela Corey Should Bargain Zimmerman Case Down to Manslaughter - Yahoo! News

Angela Corey Should Bargain Zimmerman Case Down to Manslaughter - Yahoo! News


If you were in the court docket as a defendant, would you want top officials of the United States commenting on your criminal case?

According to "The Washington Examiner," Eric Holder appeared at Al Sharpton's National Action Network Convention to rally this week support for the 17-year-old shooting victim whose case has become a rallying cry for racial injustice.

Of course, the "potential federal criminal civil rights crime" he alluded to is not part of the charges levied against George Zimmerman, the man who admits killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

My own first thought after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin was that George Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter.

But special prosecutor Angela Corey perhaps missed an opportunity for "justice and peace" by charging Zimmerman with murder in the second degree. Since that charge requires that a guilty defendant must also have acted with "depraved mind," there's a good chance Corey may fail to prove the charge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Visit Your Favorite Presidential Candidate… - Yahoo! Voices -

Visit Your Favorite Presidential Candidate… - Yahoo! Voices -

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I haven't seen President Obama in person, but I'd love to test my theory of retail politics against him.

Popular media invariably presents President Obama as a media deity - in images majestic, warm, wise, or pensive.

By contrast, the media often snaps Mitt Romney either from a distance, or from a bad angle. There is often suitably disparaging text to follow, as in this ABC OTUS article.

Compare the Starpulse gallery on Romney with the Starpulse gallery of President Obama.

Evidence to the contrary, the media has invented a mythical president who cries, holds our collective hand, and has compassion for the "poor," a statistical category President Obama has helped to enlarge.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gasoline Prices are ‘The Daily Beast,’ Tina Brown

COMMENTARY | In an appearance last week on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Daily Beast and Newsweek editor-in-chief Tina Brown defended the Obama administration’s decision to block the XL Pipeline.

It’s hardly surprising that ABC’s Laura Effron reports that neither publication is making money, given the credibility gap resulting from defending the pipeline decision.

The problem is that President Obama’s XL Pipeline decision has rankled Senate Democrats, too. Asked to respond to Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Obama for high gasoline prices, Brown went on the attack.

“When you mention about the gas pumps, that was the most intellectually dishonest thing that Romney said.... It’s world markets that dictate the price of oil,” said Brown.

True. But inasmuch as the XL Pipeline would increase supply on world markets, Brown seems to have missed a fundamental point of supply and demand. An expansion of world supply by Canadian XL Pipeline oil would help to meet demand.

There are other products that flow from hydro-carbons.
One can expect that Tina Brown never had to grease her bearings but surely she uses fingernail polish.

Grease and fingernail polish are just two of about 6,000 items requiring petroleum to manufacture, according to Ranken Energy. Oil from the Canadian fields would be siphoned off for the manufacture of these products, holding production and consumer costs down.

The company that re-paves your asphalt driveway can tell you how much the cost of hydro-carbon based materials have increased. Even if you could pave your driveway with green algae, it’s doubtful that asphalt could be replaced any time soon in the construction of vital airports and roads.

Environmentalism is important, especially in the recycling of asphalt materials. Bit Obama’s energy plans are unrealistic, resembling a Stalin-era Five Year Plan to create an eco-industrial collective.

President Obama has hinted at another release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat the perception of short supply. Why then shouldn’t a sustained supply moving down the XL Pipeline from Canada do the same?

Reuters today reports that shale oil from North Dakota’s Bakken Range could save east coast refineries from closing this year. Imported oil costs from $20 to $35 dollars more than that produced by Bakken Crude, says Reuters.

A steady supply of U.S. or Canadian oil through the XL Pipeline could immediately create new jobs, keep jobs open at east coast refineries, and hold oil prices down.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Could Voice Analysis Prove George Zimmerman a Liar? - Yahoo! News

Could Voice Analysis Prove George Zimmerman a Liar? - Yahoo! News

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......Could Voice Analysis Prove George Zimmerman a Liar?
..By Anthony Ventre
.PostsWebsite .By Anthony Ventre | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Mon, Apr 2, 2012....This story comes from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where individuals publish their unique perspectives on some of the world’s most popular websites. Do you have a story to tell? Become a Yahoo! contributor....Email
Share0Print......Media attention has been devoted to suggesting George Zimmerman had "hate crime" on his mind when he pulled the trigger on an unarmed Florida teen. The Cutline tells of media excess in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

The latest media "evidence" offered to advance the hate crime narrative is an audio analysis of screams heard on the 911 call to Sanford, Fla., police. Zimmerman's defenders say this was Zimmerman's scream for help. Martin's mother believes the screams came from her son moments before the fatal shot was fired.

The Orlando Sentinel offers the opinions of two forensic experts who have concluded it was Martin calling for help.

How does audio analysis work?

Click on the headline to find out...

Pennsylvania Could Deliver Knockout Punch to Santorum in GOP Primary - Yahoo! News

Pennsylvania Could Deliver Knockout Punch to Santorum in GOP Primary - Yahoo! News

COMMENTARY | I'm hoping Pennsylvania will knock Santorum out of its primary race with sufficient power that he's unable to beat the 10-count.

But that knockout punch comes with a disclaimer. The Romney camp's attempt to lower expectations has rippled out in the media, reflected in the politics blogs at the Washington Post.

Historically, Pennsylvania has been an important swing state in picking presidents. In primary campaigns? Not so much.

This year will be different. The state where Rick Santorum is Senator ex-officio could give him a second chance or leave him collapsed on the canvas.