Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Cop Shootings and the Tragic Results - Yahoo! News

Three Cop Shootings and the Tragic Results - Yahoo! News

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......Three Cop Shootings and the Tragic Results
..By Anthony Ventre
.PostsWebsite .By Anthony Ventre | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 12 hrs ago....This story comes from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where individuals publish their unique perspectives on some of the world’s most popular websites. Do you have a story to tell? Become a Yahoo! contributor....Email
In crime-ridden neighborhoods, people are often ambivalent about police presence and sometimes regard police as the enemy. But police are often the only people willing to show up when violent crimes occur.

Sometimes the police become the casualties.

In 2011, 65 police officers were killed by gunfire, 12 were killed by vehicle assaults, and two were stabbed to death, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Ramarley Graham
Bronx, N.Y., resident Ramarley Graham, 18, was shot to death Feb. 1, according to a New York Post account, by one of two officers who were trailing him after a marijuana deal.

The New York Daily News reports police officers saw Graham adjusting his waistband and thought he was carrying a gun when they chased him to his apartment bathroom and shot him.

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