Sunday, October 23, 2011

Public Execution & Sharia Law; Obama's Libya Legacy

Why is it that the United Nations is going to conduct a probe of Gadhafi’s torture and public execution? Didn’t they see the video? It’s plain as day the barbarians were having a good old time stabbing and bludgeoning Gadhafi –before they bravely shot him point blank.
Then they posed with the former dictator, a fresh kill bathed in blood. Followed by a circus in which the locals could get in line and gape at the two corpses. Therapeutic, you could say.
Lots of bloody fun was had by all. Even Hillary Clinton joined in, raising the dignity of the state department by gloating and laughing over the savage and barbaric spectacle. Google the CBS video, and see for yourself.
The Obama administration must truly believe the torture and execution of the “Madman of the Middle East” is something to be proud of, for there are no calls for restraint, just the usual victory lap.
I suppose the justification for all that is the Gadhafi was a bad guy, and did things that were just as bad. But if that is justification, then why the screaming from the Obama White House about little things like waterboarding KSM, a man who murdered thousands of people?
But there are reasons for the rule of law. Ever hear of the Nuremburg trials, in which Nazi criminals of even more monumental proportions were treated in a dignified manner befitting the legal foundations of great nations.
Gadhafi was captured alive. There was a chance for the “rebels” to demonstrate a common humanity and a sense of justice rather than the naked barbarism which was fortunately captured on film.
If the Libyans were proud of what they’d done, then why did they try to hide it by tall tales? First there were stories that Gadhafi had been shot in the legs and “bled out” on his way to the hospital. When that fib didn’t fly, Jabril came up with another whopper, that Gadhafi was shot to death in a cross-fire between loyalists and rebel fighters.
It shows a kind of disrespect and condescension, a belief that Americans are so stupid that they will believe that the people pummeling Gadhafi, slapping at him with fists and pistol-whipping him, and propping him bleeding on the hood of a truck, were doing so while “loyalist” bullets were flying about their heads.
But they are half-right to condescend to us stupid Americans. Some of the great lights on CNN tried their damndest to repeat the lies, to rationalize the brutality and the blood lust and the hatred. The poor dear Libyans were sooooo oppressed by Gadhafi that this disgusting, dehumanizing, barbarism was completely justified.
There was no need for humanity where Gadhafi was concerned. The hypocrites might be opposed to capital punishment in the U.S. for murderers, rapists, and other monsters, but they erupt into orgasms at the sight of savages ripping at Gadhafi’s wounds.
It was obscene. It doesn’t speak well for the people of the so-called National Transition Council. Instead of choosing to be a country, they have chosen to be for nothing. They have declared that Sharia will be the law of the land. They think that they are heroes by following in the wake of NATO bombing and stealing, robbing, murdering, and imprisoning suspected loyalists for have the wrong skin color.
Of course, there will be secrecy and lies from in the “liberated” Libya. We still don’t know what happened to General Abdel Younis, who defected to help the rebels, was called for a “discussion” with the NTC and then assassinated. It’s the New Libya…just like the Old Libya.
Thank you, Mr. Obama. Mission accomplished.

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