Monday, November 8, 2010

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Schools NBC Reporter David Gregory

It was worth a laugh. It bugs me out, too, when reporters in the liberal media frame things in the manner of Democrat talking points.

I'm talking about David Gregory's interview with NJ Gov. Chris Christie. Invariably--that means all the time...:)-- MSM reporters mention that extending the Bush tax cuts must "still be paid for." This little positional phrase implies that Republicans favor passing some new tax cut. No, we favor maintaining the tax status quo.

Christie whupped up on Gregory, who looked a little pale when the Gov. gave him the blunt Jersey Boy treatment. Chris Christie was only pointing out what was obvious. Raising taxes, as the Democrats want to do if they don't extend the cuts, is a counter-stimulus during this Great Recession, something that will march back the Federal Reserve's attempts at stimulating the economy through QE.

It's kind of weird, too, to see Gregory stuck on this track when Obama's supporters have conceded it would be stupid to raise taxes now. Goes to show you how habituated they are to following the Dem Party game plan.

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