Friday, September 24, 2010

Iran's Dictator A-jad Stinks Up the United Nations

Massive protests marked the appearance of Iran's psychopath Ahmadinajead at the United Nations. Thousands of people showed up to denounce I-jad as the killer, holocaust denier, and 9-11 conspirator that he is. But then again, A-jad is just the sort of person you expect to see while strolling in the more tawdry areas of New York--sniveling, cowardly, and furtive as a rat.

The Obama surrender monkeys are shaming America with their egregious insistence on "reaching out" diplomacy. This has provided many occasions for A-jad to insult the civilized world. A-jads thugs are busy right now making nuclear weapons with which they continue to terrorize the world. Considering how many people his thugs murdered during the recent Iranian demonstrations, ultimately suppressing the opposition, A-jad is certainly not the legitimate leader of Iran. But then again, Obama is only continuing the policies of his most shameful predecessors--Jimmy Carter. It was Carter who approved the overthrow of Western Civilization in Iran, and for thanks Carter got the Iranian hostage crisis where Americans were held for umpteen days in blindfolds and paraded in front of TV cameras in a scene that was reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

I"m of two minds when it comes to the location of the United Nations. Mostly, I feel that the United States should cease its support and kick the U.N. to the curb. This is a fanciful notion, I realize, and the realistic part of me acknowledges some vague and idealistic but as yet unrealized purpose in the U.N location in New York City.

Most of the time, though, it seems that the U.N's chief purpose is to denounce Israel and the United States. If we cannot entirely abandon participation in the United Nations, can't we at least put it on a floating barge and put it out to sea?

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