Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here We Go Again With Mideast Peace Dance: Obama's Turn

The Obama Mideast Dog and Pony Show is happening today. I feel sorry for the Israelis, having to go through the motions yet one more time. Sheikh Obama has stuck his butt as far out in the direction of the Muslim countries as anyone possibly could, and the only democracy in the Middle East must endure it all and then "come to the table" every time an American politician wishes to take media center stage to impress their left wing internationalist friends.

Enter Hamas, guns blazing away at Jewish pregnant women and Israeli civilians driving down the road. Hamas executed four Israeli civilians in cold blood. What idiot couldn't set up a roadside ambush to kill pregnant women and civilians. The Hamas gunners shot up the car and killed the backseat passengers in the first barrage, but they had to go up close to kill the people in the front seat.

These people are not condemned by Daisy and Imam Rauf, who wish to build a mosque at Ground Zero to commemorate an Al Qaeda slaughter of civilians. But that's not to stray from the subject, the subject being the absurdity of Obama's "Peace Talks." The peace talks are with Abbas, Great Fartah Leader, who only represents one armed gang with very limited control and authority over what happens in the West Bank and Gaza.

You remember, Gaza, don't you? HOw's that workin' out fer ya'? Gaza is just another launching pad for the Muslim Brotherhood.

So what can we expect from this charade? Certainly, Sheikh Obama will need to present the narrative that there has been some "progress." You will hear praise from Olbermann, Maddow, and Matthews and others of the MSNBC Taliban. Inevitably, the Israelis will be shown as stubborn and recalcitrant, frustrating any peace efforts.

But just remember the last time, when Jews trusted that the civilized world would not permit such atrocities as those that occurred at hundreds of concentration camps and Jewish ghettoes. Many Jews, at that time, were trusting and helpful--not realizing the world cared so little about them.

Taking a soft line with Hamas and Hizbollah, "reaching out" to the "Palestinians," describing Israel as an "occupier"...those things are reminiscent of Lord Chamberlain.

Who on the Palestinian side can stop the terror attacks? Who on the Palestinian side can outlaw political-religious psychotics like those who murdered four civilians a few days ago? The question meets with silence.

So there is no "peace partner." Abbas wants power. Hamas and similar nazi groups want to destroy Israel and murder all Israelis. Sheikh Obama wants to prop up his political profile.

Cynical? Not by the long shot. The first step in the peace process is to call a spade a spade, something that has yet to be done.

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