Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barletta Vs. Kanjorski in Pennsylvania House Race

I'm rather disappointed that the national media hasn't picked up on this race. I guess Pennsylvania is not sexy enough. But this race has drama. Barletta nearly defeated Kanjorksi in his second contest against the 12 time Representative. Could the third time be the charm?

It should be. Kanjorski has been in office so long he's growing fur and looking more like a werewolf every time he appears on MSNBC--which is often. The mainstream media has been given its marching orders--help Kanjorski.

There's nothing new about that, though, is there? I'm kind of disappointed that the conservative media hasn't taken up Barletta's cause either. Barletta is an originator, a small town mayor with balls enough to make national headlines when it wasn't so popular to point out there was an ILLEGAL immigrant problem.

That's hardly Lou Barletta's only issue, however. Unemployment is a huge problema and that's because the blue state mandarins prefer welfare and government largesse to job creation. Pennsylvania is hostile to business. Kanjorski pours tons of money into his hometown, and has granted millions of federal dollars to family members, but no one seems to get it.

We're so accustomed to corruption in office that we yawn when a politician is only guilty of nepotism. In much of Pennsylvania, nepotism is the reigning social philosophy.

Barletta does have strong support from conservative groups. He has sincere and simple political ads playing on TV-- as opposed to Kanjorski's old-style smear campaign.

Kanjorki's ads are not ashamed of telling lies, telling them long and often. One example is when he accuses Barletta of "Social Security Privatization." That's Kanjorski imitating Ahmadinajead's canards before the United Nations.

Didn't Obama's health care "reform" bill cut $500 billion from Medicare? That's a fact. Kanjorski isn't much troubled with facts. He was a strong voice for ObamaCare....and for bank bailouts...and car company bailouts...and union welfare...and whatever else will keep him in a job to which he feels he has a lifelong right of entitlement.

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