Thursday, August 5, 2010

Obama Touts Ford Hiring as Proof of Successful Economic Policies

President Obama is touring a new Ford assembly plant today to tout the hiring of an additional 1200 workers. Don’t count on the President mentioning that Ford is able to increase its market share and hire the 1200 workers on its own dime. GM and Chrysler are owned by us, i.e., Government Motors, while Ford still did things the old-fashioned way—independently of government.

Meanwhile, Chrysler and GM are still struggling to rise out of bankruptcy and both have yet to go public—errrr… private. After the taxpayer sponsored bailouts and bankruptcies, the outlook for a GM IPO is weak.

So, Mr. Obama… Will you now tell us how it was your 787 billion dollar stimulus plan which resulted in the hiring of 1200 new Ford workers?

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