Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Jersey Men Arrested on Terrorism Charges

Did you ever notice how infrequently the media coverage makes any distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration? It’s absolutely whacky how illegal immigrants get an avalanche of attention while legal immigrants are left to wander the labyrinth of bureaucracy, travail, and financial cost with hardly an ounce of recognition or sympathy.

I was listening to a recording of one of the two New Jersey losers who were arrested at the airport on terrorism charges. The MSNBC (think Mindless, Sick, Nuts, Blind, and Cracked) Administration News Outlet in its stuttering, redundant way, has mentioned at least 25 times that the two jihadis are American citizens. The one guy’s age 20, and sounds stupid and guttural as he talks about cutting off American’s heads to get their attention. It was reported his parents were Jordanian immigrants. The other guy, from Jamaica, has been “naturalized” but by what process? By lying under oath to pledge allegiance to the U.S.?

The immigration authorities need to get serious about the immigration process. They need to stop illegal immigrants from voting in our elections. I can prove they do so, but no one’s interested. I’m not holding out hope that the Obama administration will anything except the opposite of what is needed. Just what is the policy on immigration? More basically, is there a policy or is it just made up to suit the headlines du jour?

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