Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas Resigns From Hearst Newspapers

It was resign or get fired. Even Robert Gibbs noticed and criticizes her bigotry in telling Jews to "go home" to Poland and Germany. The worst part of it is that Helen Thomas seems too dotty and bigoted to know where home actually is for the jews.

But I can hear it now. Democrats will adopt the same "business as usual" attitude toward anti-semitism that they have adopted toward corruption in the subornation of the election process.

"This is nothing unusual," they say.

Nothing unusual for some, apparently, but the hypocritical liberal elite with its reverse racism and latent anti-semitism has subconsciously cultivated the Helen Thomases of the world. So it's not unusual in this business as usual White House model to hear from some in the White House Press Corps some of the same things you hear from Erdogan of Turkey, and from Ahmadinajad or Iran, or from Assad in Syria.

Helen Thomas' jihad has finally been outed, boiled over to the point where it couldn't any longer be swept under the rug. But the underlying stench still remains, in the soft encouragement the WHite House has provided to our enemies in Iran, Syria, and the Hamas Central Command in Gaza--all at the expense of our true friend, the successful Democratic state of Israel.

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