Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hamas’ Propaganda Ship Nudges International Israel Haters

The world-wide knee-jerk reaction to the Israeli action against the Hate Ship is predictable. Many governments have fallen victim to leftist and Islamic propaganda and were just looking for such an opportunity to condemn Israel.
The Israeli action on the ship was a bit clumsy, but that was because it was timid in concept. The Israeli Navy should have treated the ship as what it was, a hostile venture aimed at breaking the blockade. Commandos with paintball guns? I know that all of the people aboard the ship were not terrorists, and that some were just useful idiots, but none of those people had peaceful motives.

Peaceful motives would have recognized that Iran and other countries were funneling rockets to Gaza, and that those rockets would be aimed at Israel. The useful idiots have to take responsibility for their actions. The “humanitarian aid” was just a pretense, as the Israelis would have delivered any humanitarian cargo the ship contained.

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