Friday, June 25, 2010

Democrats Love Petraeus After Hating on Him

It's really a riot to hear libs singing the praises of the new top general of the Afghanistan war. It wasn't long ago they were attacking a full page newspaper ad featuring Petraeus and the Iraq surge. Rush Limbaugh yesterday played an entire series of tapes featuring prominent Democrats like Pelosi and Hillary Clinton back when the surge was being contemplated. The audio tapes on the Limbaugh show would have made you laugh if they weren't so pathetic and dangerous.

Petraeus was lying about the surge, said top Democrats. Petraeus was spinning the facts on the ground. Iraq could never have its own government without Saddam Hussein. Innocents were being slain! Then there was Vice President Joe "Bite Me" Biden declaiming that Iraq was lost and that Petraeus was both liar and loser.

And now you don't hear Obama complaining about the "General I inherited" from the Bush Administration. It's truly disgusting how these toadies are now playing up to Petraeus, anything to find a way to call this an Obama "master-stroke" (Newsweek's words) when it was a serious no-brainer.

What hypocrisy!

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