Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Al Qaeda’s #3 Al Masri Killed in Predator Drone Strike

Al Qaeda’s #3 man El-Said Al Masri was taken out in a Predatory drone strike in Pakistan. The stepped up Predator drone strikes must be credited to President Obama, and they have been effective in shattering the Al Qaeda organizational structure. Pakistan’s cooperation with the White House/Military plan must also be credited, so the combined effort has put unprecedented pressure on the Al Qaeda leadership. The AQ leadership hasn’t been as much on its ass since Bin Laden was pushed out of Tora Bora on the ass of a donkey.

Still, this doesn’t prevent MSM media types like Tom Brokaw from uttering their favored banal, hackneyed, repetitive, and trite liberal chant: “Every time a terrorist is killed, another one takes his place,” the saying goes. It has many variations, but none are worth hearing.
Since 6 number 3 Bin Laden aides have been killed, I guess AQ will soon be getting down to hiring handicapped teens straight from the madrassas for the number 3 slot. AQ may have the capability of setting off bombs in crowded areas, but it is not the organization it would be if it had not had its ass kicked violently, and for a long time. Cowardly People who murder civilians a la Tanzania and Kenya, or New York, Spain or London, are perfect for visits by the “Reaper.”

The world is slowly turning against terror, and less susceptible to the anti-west Islamofacist propaganda, the Tom Brokaws and lesser acolytes notwithstanding. The idea that the U.S. and its anti-terror allies should be engaged in social work with humanity’s enemies rather than in killing them is laughable and weak. The only thing that would help AQ and its terror allies is if the objective becomes confused and self-flagellating.

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