Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rima Fakih a Faker?

Rima Fakih, on Fox News, didn’t look nearly as hot as her touched up photos for the radio station which can be seen on the internet.  On Fox, she wore a ribbon of a skirt, a clashing purple outfit, and an ersatz looking crown.   I found her completely unattractive, not because she is of the Arab persuasion, as I’ve met many far more beautiful Arab women.  There is  tawdry aspect to her—not because of the sexy pictures dancing on a bar—but because she had a rough, unpolished look which could not be subdued by TV studio makeup.   


You feel a little embarrassed for her, knowing that her pageant victory was strictly a political deal.  I felt sorry for the runner-up, far more beautiful, intelligent, and personable.  Well, everyone knows that, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.   Obama’s  left-wing imposed political correctness standards on the pageant, and his popularity in what Deborah Schlussel calls “Dearbornistan,”  has contributed to this travesty.  Along with Hizbollah’s monetary support and Donald Trump’s public prostration.


It was the Arizona Immigration Law that provided the opportunity for a political biased pageant judge to trip up Elizabeth Woolard, who outshone Kakih in intelligence in the same ratio as beach lighthouse compares to a flashlight.   Woolard’s answer was too bright—she opposed “profiling” while saying she had a great deal of respect for state’s rights.  Wasn’t that the way the U.S. Constitution was written?


Rima Faker’s answers to the Fox News anchors questions were dull and wooden. That is one stupid chick—and the pageant brand will suffer severely.   Hasn’t Obama told us already—you can’t put lipstick on a pig.  It’s still a pig.


Oh, and Rima….  If birth control were a “controlled substance” in the U.S., as you said when you tripped through the pageant, you might just as well have stayed in Lebanon.   




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