Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Legal Immigration Ignored by LameStream Media

I've often advocated that Americans focus on LEGAL immigration. That's one way to mitigate the media and government demagoguery that is controlling the debate over the Arizona law. The Obama administration is in desperation mode as it tries to characterize the Arizona law as racist. Plus ca change. That's what they do, isn't it?

My own parents immigrated and I have a few friends who are legal immigrants. I also have a friend who, with his wife and infant son, was deported in January 2009. He's Russian, his wife is Latvian, and his son is a mix of both, obviously. They are great hard-working people. He (Alex) had been admitted into the U.S. legally, but failed to respond to letters asking him to report. He had moved to another state to get work and was far away from Ohio, where he had been summoned.

All this lie and dissemble stuff from the Obama White House ignores the problems. It hurt legal immigrants who must pay large amounts of money, and wait enormous amounts of time to obtain citizenship.

How many times has the news media featured the story of the hardships of the legal immigrant? Nada.

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