Friday, May 28, 2010

It Was Bill Clinton Who Offered Sestak the Job, I Swear

There seems to be a predictable lack of MSM cynicism regarding the White House announcement that it was Bill Clinton who offered Joe Sestak a job in the Obama administration. But there is plenty of laughter, and one of the persons laughing is Bill Clinton. Huh, huh, huh...That Bob Bauer...what a card!

Bob Bauer’s story is that the White House offered Sestak an “alternate path to service” so he could keep his job in the House and still stand next to Obama during photo opportunities. Under federal rules, that would be illegal if the job offer (or alternative path to service) was a paid position like Secretary of the Navy.

If Bauer’s version is the entire version, then Rahm asked President Clinton to ask Sestak….and you know the rest. But if the story were that simple, then why were there months of delay when the story first surfaced? Were there other attempts at persuading Sestak to quit the race? Of course, this opaque White House, with its secretive ways and fortress mentality, is not going to stand for putting Bill Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel under oath, but why not Joe Sestak?

If there’s nothing there, then the White House gains in credibility, and the cynics disappear into the woodwork.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama Press Conference Today Will Address Two Big Questions

Obama Press Conference Today Will Address Two Big Questions

I sense another Obama charm offensive coming after today’s hopefully serious press conference. The President’s recent joking and self-deprecating remarks about his waning popularity and “Hitler moustache” do elicit sympathy, especially to those who confuse personality cult with national leadership. But presidential hipness and studiously contrived noble poses wear thin as the sea birds and undersea life wear their new coats of oil slick, and people begin to wonder if their inexperienced president can “get real” about pesky things like massive deficit spending and the drift toward opaque backroom deals and political corruption.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Legal Immigration Ignored by LameStream Media

I've often advocated that Americans focus on LEGAL immigration. That's one way to mitigate the media and government demagoguery that is controlling the debate over the Arizona law. The Obama administration is in desperation mode as it tries to characterize the Arizona law as racist. Plus ca change. That's what they do, isn't it?

My own parents immigrated and I have a few friends who are legal immigrants. I also have a friend who, with his wife and infant son, was deported in January 2009. He's Russian, his wife is Latvian, and his son is a mix of both, obviously. They are great hard-working people. He (Alex) had been admitted into the U.S. legally, but failed to respond to letters asking him to report. He had moved to another state to get work and was far away from Ohio, where he had been summoned.

All this lie and dissemble stuff from the Obama White House ignores the problems. It hurt legal immigrants who must pay large amounts of money, and wait enormous amounts of time to obtain citizenship.

How many times has the news media featured the story of the hardships of the legal immigrant? Nada.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rima Fakih a Faker?

Rima Fakih, on Fox News, didn’t look nearly as hot as her touched up photos for the radio station which can be seen on the internet.  On Fox, she wore a ribbon of a skirt, a clashing purple outfit, and an ersatz looking crown.   I found her completely unattractive, not because she is of the Arab persuasion, as I’ve met many far more beautiful Arab women.  There is  tawdry aspect to her—not because of the sexy pictures dancing on a bar—but because she had a rough, unpolished look which could not be subdued by TV studio makeup.   


You feel a little embarrassed for her, knowing that her pageant victory was strictly a political deal.  I felt sorry for the runner-up, far more beautiful, intelligent, and personable.  Well, everyone knows that, so I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.   Obama’s  left-wing imposed political correctness standards on the pageant, and his popularity in what Deborah Schlussel calls “Dearbornistan,”  has contributed to this travesty.  Along with Hizbollah’s monetary support and Donald Trump’s public prostration.


It was the Arizona Immigration Law that provided the opportunity for a political biased pageant judge to trip up Elizabeth Woolard, who outshone Kakih in intelligence in the same ratio as beach lighthouse compares to a flashlight.   Woolard’s answer was too bright—she opposed “profiling” while saying she had a great deal of respect for state’s rights.  Wasn’t that the way the U.S. Constitution was written?


Rima Faker’s answers to the Fox News anchors questions were dull and wooden. That is one stupid chick—and the pageant brand will suffer severely.   Hasn’t Obama told us already—you can’t put lipstick on a pig.  It’s still a pig.


Oh, and Rima….  If birth control were a “controlled substance” in the U.S., as you said when you tripped through the pageant, you might just as well have stayed in Lebanon.   




South Koreans Say They Have Proof North Korea Torpedoed Boat

Oh, crap!  The world I woke up to yesterday is the same one I woke up to today.   Trouble is, the peeps in the White House are pretending it’s different.   The North Koreans torpedo a South Korean ship and the White House clears its collective throat and says this is an opportunity to hold out the Olive Branch.   46 dead South Koreans who were aboard the attacked vessel can’t get their hands out.   I’m not saying we should attack North Korea…I’m just sayin’….



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sestak Defeats Specter by Wide Margin: the Aftermath
Sestak was underestimated, and abandoned by the White House. Photo ops will be forthcoming. Plus some short interviews with voters.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama Positions White House for Sestak Win, Sort Of
Was Senator Specter thrown under a bus by the Obama White House? It won't be the first time President Obama justified the means by the ends....
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Treasury Takes $2.1 Billion Loss and AP Prints White House Bulletin

  •   Taxpayers are taking a beating on the auto bailouts.   The AP reports this Chrysler loss today with a bow to the White House.   The AP article takes great pains to point out that the UAW Chrysler and GM bailouts were done on January 2 while George Bush was still in office. 

           The delicate AP story puts it that the Treasury is taking the loss.

  •  Treasury?...that’s us, isn’t it? This is typical AP reporting. AP is the communications arm of the Obama White House. How can the dumb-assed reporter not mention the letters, meetings, and transition teams of Obamanites who initiated these bailouts? Does he/she think readers wouldn't be interested in that? Since the election, Pelosi and other Democrats and the transition team had outlined the plan of UAW bailouts and it was a done deal. A barrage of letters from Obama-Reid-Pelosi tell of the planned Obama bailouts.  What was Bush supposed to do?  Say “no?”  Eighteen days later, it would have been done anyway.
  • A mere courtesy on the part of the outgoing admin. This is a deliberate slant and it wouldn't surprise me if some Chicago type put a little money into the reporter's pockets.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Ridley Scott's New "Robin Hood " (2010): Film Review of a Folk Legend
Political incorrectness and historical poetic license--Ridley Scott's new film version of "Robin Hood" has it all...
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New York Times or Wall Street Journal: that is the Question
The newspaper world has changed, but predictions of its death are premature and likely wrong.
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bench Trial Means Success for Robert Wone Defendants
Defense attorneys for Zaborsky, Price, and Ward are hoping for lighter sentences in a bench trial following upon the Robert Wone murder investigation.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Won't Eric Holder Appoint Special Prosecutor in Sestak Bribe Case?

This is more than the usual slimy backroom political deal--this is a FELONY. Attorney General Holder is hoping the whole thing goes away but he'll face questions today as he goes before Darrell Issa of the House Reform Committee..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Good Wife: Too Smart for TV?
The erstwhile legal drama "Philly" was cancelled in its first season. "The Good Wife" is succeeding, even as it challenges audiences.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Arlen Specter Doomed in Pennsylvania Senate Race?
Arlen Specter was promised "full support" from the White House when he switched parties. Right. And the check is in the mail...
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pennsylvania Tax Ad Should Aim at Governor Rendell

There's an ad being played on TV here in Pennsylvania which is designed to intimidate people into paying more PA income tax. After running the state into the ground, Fast Eddie Rendell needs the money to redistribute to political cronies. Rendell's obsequious support of the Obama administration and its fantasy world of health care "reform" required him to announce tax increases, rather than cutting down the size of PA bureaucracy, where most of the jobs are.

The scheme wouldn't work without a little nudging, so the geniuses who run the state hired an ad agency which targets a representative taxpayer (Tom) with little nuclear circles. Pay your taxes now, Tom, or something bad will happen to you. It's a very oppressive government ad and completely unnecessary.

I wonder how it would play out if the same little nuclear target circles were put into an ad targeting Governor Ed Rendell.

As in “Do a good job, Rendell, or you will pay heavily for the tax increases you inflict.”

That ad was disgusting, especially in economic times like this.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Administration Tries Again on NYC Bomber Faisal Shahzad

Once the bombs in the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder were discovered, the police did fast work in rolling back the red carpet, catching the slack-jowled Pakistani hater on the tarmac with the intent of fleeing to Dubai. Some of Faisal's accomplices were arrested in Pakistan, and his connections with car, house, cellphone,etc, have been made.

That being said, one can't be too thrilled with the political statements coming out of public officials, many inthe Obama administration. Janet Napolitano doesn't quite get it, talking to America as if it were a kindergarten class, and providing us with the same lame assurances you'd give only to frightened children.

What's really disheartening about the administration, and what's really encouraging to terrorists, is that Obama administration officials have put out so many different messages about the War on Terror that one can only conclude that it is confused.

Michael Schuerer called the latest attack on New York a "success." WHile I wouldn't call it that, I can understand what Schuerer meant. The bomber found it too easy to penetrate New York City with a carload of bombs and related equipment. Obama's overtures to the Muslim world have been and will be interpreted as weakness, and Obama's oratorical retreats from traditional U.S. policies have only encouraged attacks.

Obama's strategic message is not half so bad as the public messages they have been sending. By contrast, consider Vladimir Putin and the messages he sends to his "enemies." Yah, I know, Putin's stooges sat there while the head Irano-Nazi berated the West yesterday. But there won't be any mollifications regarding the latest terror attack on the Russians, you can be sure. And the tough line Moscow has taken on Chechnya, and on Basayeev the Beslan Butcher, does not invite further incursion.

At the same time, we have Eric Holder still undecided about using New York City as the location to try KSM, and you have the Clinton's looked for connections between Shahzad and the Hutaree militia, and Janet Napolitano doing the same.

There's too much b.s. coming from this administration at a time when we need solidity, clarity, and leadership. We don't need to wait until the next attack on a civilian population occurs to get serious about these assholes.

We can get serious and still maintain the rights we have from God and the U.S. Constitution. To think otherwise is to be less than serious.