Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Notice to Valerie Jarrett: Barack Took a Milliion from Goldman Sachs

You already knew. You're talking major flak here. Jarrett did the obligatory appearance on several TV channels to peddle the financial reform package. Fine, but did she have to say: "...we're working for a lot of people who were really hurt by this (Goldman Sachs)..." and blah-blah.

"Champions of the people" in this case are British Banks, German Banks, and American banks and other investors.

News flash for you, Valerie Jarrett. Stop trying to fool people; it's well known that your boss, Barack, got a cool million from Goldman. And you also know that it takes at least a million dollars to even play at the CDO and CDS swaps at Goldman Sachs. People who were affected by the GS scandal can afford whole teams of lawyers, Valerie.

But I guess this is Democrat "populism" these days.

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