Friday, April 9, 2010

Israel's Bibi Netanyahu Kicks Nuclear Sumit to the Curb

Apologize for America, alienate your friends, and embrace your enemies is now established policy of the Obama administration.   Let there be no doubt of this.    The pathetic treatment of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu stands as a symbol of the low visionary politics promulgated by this administration.


Obama’s intifada has gained strength in the Arab world and Iran, Turkey, and Egypt have taken Obama’s supplications as a signal to continue and expand attacks on the only Democracy in the Middle East.  


Bibi’s no punk, however, and with a bit more dignity than Obama could muster in bringing the Israeli leader through the servant’s quarters of the White House,  Netanyahu told the WH to go screw.    Just because the Obama administration is masochistic and enjoys being whipped doesn’t mean that pride and integrity should be lost around the world.  


There’s absolutely no reason Israel should walk into what is a patent ambush, a political dog and pony show designed to demonstrate Obama’s ability to sacrifice integrity at the altar of appeasement.


Our America suffers at this stupidity and there is only one thing to be remembered.   The only thing to be gained by selling your friends to the alligators is that you’re the last one eaten.





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