Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How's that Obama "Engagement" Working Out for You?

I’m willing to accept that there was something to be gained by the “Nuclear Summit” just held by President Obama but they forgot something.  Iran.   The administration knows that Iran, if it doesn’t already have a bomb, will have one soon, and they consciously choose to ignore it, to leave the problems for the next president.   Obama so desperately wants to be perceived as the bearer of the holy olive branch of peace in the world that he’ll let America be pushed around on the world stage by Ahmadinajad.   How does the president trust so much that Ahmadinajad won’t hand off a bomb to terrorists?   He doesn’t, but yet he’s willing to put off doing anything about it so that he can hold on to his narcissistic vision of presidential greatness.


A great vision it is not.   Obama looks more like the Fool on the Hill than the president of the United States, and America’s enemies are well aware of his foolishness.   Syria’s dictator, Bashir Assad, is taking advantage of Obama’s feeble-mindedness.  Assad’s new assist to Terror Inc.  is to provide Hizbollah with Scud missiles with a 465 mile range.  Hizbollah terrorists are destructive enough with their current missile range of 60 miles—the new Scud missiles will improve its capabilities of destroying Israel.   


Obama’s response to this has been to reward Syria with a new ambassador.   Previously, the Bush administration had blocked the appointment of an ambassador to Syria and the Bush White House had also implemented a program of sanctions which Obama ordered now to be loosened. 


Of course, this is “leadership” in ObamaLand.   Click your heels and spin around three times.  When you couple it with the recent tragic and club-footed diplomatic insult of Israel’s President Netanyahu, you’ve got to think Obama’s sure to get another Nobel Prize.   

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